World’s tallest woman takes first flight after airline cuts 6 seats

  • The world’s tallest woman was able to take her first flight after an airline stripped her of six seats.
  • Rumeysa Gelgi, who is seven feet tall, flew from Istanbul, Turkey to San Francisco.
  • Turkish Airlines modified a plane to allow Gelgi to lie on a stretcher for the 1 p.m. flight.

The world’s tallest woman could fly on a plane for the first time after the airline cut six economy class seats to accommodate her.

Rumeysa Gelgi, who is 7ft 0.7in tall, was named the world’s tallest woman by Guinness World Records last year.

Turkish Airlines adapted one of its planes to allow her to fly to San Francisco in September, removing six seats and replacing them with a special stretcher so she could travel on the 1 p.m. flight, MailOnline reported.

Gelgi, 24, had never been able to travel on an airplane before due to his stature, caused by a condition called Weaver syndrome which causes bone overgrowth, among other things. Even as a child, she was too big to fit in airplane seats, according to the outlet.

She usually uses a wheelchair or walker to get around due to her condition.

Gelgi shared a series of images of herself during the trip on Instagram and said it was “a flawless trip from start to finish”.

A post shared by RUMEYSA GELGI (@rumeysagelgi)

“It was my first flight, but it will definitely not be my last. From now on, I will be very honored and happy to fly to different parts of the world with @turkishairlines. Sincere thanks to everyone involved in my journey” , she wrote.

Gelgi went to California to spend time advancing her career in software development and working with Guinness World Records, according to MailOnline.

Gelgi won her first Guinness World Record in 2014, when she was recognized as the world’s tallest living teenager before officially becoming the world’s tallest woman in 2021.

Her too holds the record to be the woman with the biggest hands, the longest finger and the longest back in the world.

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