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ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) – We are entering the New Year with new goals and new motivation to create a better you! Eating well can have many benefits for our body and our overall health. Jennifer Johns decided to start her own food prep business to provide healthy options for the area and to encourage people to eat better. She used a play on the word “venom” to find the name – Zenom Bites.

“I started this during COVID, and since everything stopped, I wanted something easy and accessible, especially for food and healthy eating,” says Johns. “I started for a few people and it spread.”

“Each week is a weekly menu, so I cook four different meals each week,” says Johns. Jennifer tries to stick with high protein options like chicken, salmon, and shrimp.

For tips on how to start preparing meals at home, Jenn suggests taking a simple approach. “I would start very basic,” Johns says. “I always get the 24 oz. containers are better for portion control. Next, Jennifer suggests choosing a vegetable and a carbohydrate like rice or quinoa.

“We live in a society that eats a lot of processed foods,” says Johns. Jennifer says when she first started training she realized how important food and nutrition are.

Every week Jennifer updates the menu and encourages people to place orders.

If you fancy enjoying meals and snacks from Zenom Bites, Jennifer is attending an event at Everything Natural Under the Sun on Tuesday, January 17 from noon to 4 p.m.

If you have a dietary restriction, Jennifer has you covered: “I also offer vegetarian gluten-free, dairy-free meals.”

To contact Zenom Bites, call Jennifer at (814) 327-2891 or message her on Instagram or their Facebook page.

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