Valued entrepreneur Manish Mickey Oberoi advises companies on the verge of rebranding in 2022

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs said your company’s brand is the biggest investment.

Brands must innovate to remain competitive. Manish entrepreneur Mickey Oberoi has experience in brand development and has shared his experiences to help you be successful.

Manish has worked with celebrities and big brands. Knowing your customer is the starting point of your rebranding journey, he said.

Manish explained, “What are their expectations? Can these expectations be met? If not, what are the alternatives? Are customers comfortable with these alternatives? These are the questions you need to answer when rebranding. “

Prospective customers should also be kept in mind during the reinvention process, with feedback from current customers being the backbone of rebranding.

Manish advises you to put your digital home in order. “Get a website, open social media accounts for the brand, advertise on various online platforms and you will see the difference,” he suggested.

“It’s 2021, and the whole world is connected via the Internet, and everything is made easier and faster.”

Be inclusive

Your reinvented brand must be diverse and inclusive.

Manish added, “Everyone’s needs should be taken into account regardless of age, gender, race and financial status. It will encourage people to associate with your business and grow your customer community.

Clearly stated goals and objectives will govern your operations.

Manish concluded: “Always start with the end in mind. Goals will help you assess your progress.

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