US companies hit by India’s digital evolution: Jaishankar

American businesses are struck by how much more digital India has become and there is a broad sense of overall appreciation for the ease of doing business in the country, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said.

At a Wednesday luncheon, USISPF President Mukesh Aghi presented Jaishankar with the USISPF coffee table book titled “We The People,” chronicling 75 years of American-Indian history, bolstered by the minister’s efforts. The United States-India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF) is committed to creating the most powerful strategic partnership between the United States and India.

“Nice to be having a business lunch” with the USISPF, Jaishankar tweeted. “Noted the great interest in the transformational changes taking place in India in the areas of energy, health, climate, infrastructure and logistics and defence,” he said.

“American businesses are struck by the extent of India’s digitalization, how effectively the government is practicing digital delivery, the shift that has occurred in startups and innovation, and how students and young innovators are more enthusiastic. Lots of positive references to drone policy, labor law change and production-related incentive policies,” Jaishankar told a group of Indian reporters on Wednesday at the end of the visit to the United States. .

During the Washington DC leg of his visit, he held two separate lunches with business sector leaders hosted by the US India Business Council and the US India Strategic and Partnership Forum.

“I almost invite, I won’t say criticism, but I invite problems. I asked people to say give me your difficulties. But yesterday and today, much more than I had before I largely heard a positive appreciation. (It) doesn’t mean there’s no room to grow, it doesn’t mean we’re close to perfection,” he said.

“I know very well where we are, and I think the government and the Prime Minister are too. But it left me thinking that we seem to have made solid progress and, more importantly, communicated that to the American business community,” Jaishankar said.

During the lunch hosted by USIBC, Jaishankar met with CEOs and senior industry executives representing Occidental, Lockheed Martin, Tata Sons, Blackstone, Morgan Stanley, Citi, Liberty Mutual, Google, Stripe and Carlyle.

During his USIBC-hosted lunch debate on Tuesday, Jaishankar shared with CEOs and executives his views on India’s economic growth prospects and as a hub for direct investment in manufacturing, l digital economy, services, energy and other key sectors.

“The bullish sentiment on India was clearly on display. Share the belief that stronger trade ties will further galvanize our relationship,” the minister said in a tweet.

He also discussed India’s upcoming G20 presidency, the growing importance of the Quad platform in the Indo-Pacific and the central importance of US-India trade relations in stabilizing and strengthening bilateral relations, according to a press release from the USIBC.

Other key lunch topics included the situation in the Indo-Pacific, geopolitical tensions and the impact on the global economy, as well as climate and energy policy challenges.

Over lunch, industry leaders expressed optimism about India’s growth trajectory and commitment to further engage with government on these issues, as well as investment expansion policies. foreign direct, according to the press release.

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