‘Uniquely Positioned’: Bill Westrate Ready to Begin a New Decade as CEO of the American Family | Economic news

Previously, he worked as an underwriting representative for IMT Insurance, based in Iowa, and as an actuarial analyst for Allied Insurance Group in Nebraska.

In 1996, Westrate began his tenure with American Family Insurance, rising through the ranks to become president of the company in 2017. In 2020, Westrate became the elected CEO of the American family.

On how to continue the current growth of American Family, Westrate said his plan was to maintain what has been a series of mergers and acquisitions since 2012. He declined to go into details.

But Westrate, from Michigan, said any move would put customers first.

Nine years ago, American Family bought Tennessee auto insurer The General.

American Family has since acquired Boston-based Homesite Insurance as well as De Pere-based CONNECT, a home and auto insurance company formerly known as Ameriprise. In 2018, Florida-based Main Street American Group Mutual Holdings merged with American Family.

Westrate said he would also pursue more opportunities to solidify American Family’s place as a venture capital hub, philanthropic powerhouse and people-centric business.

This is in addition to already owning the Spark building on the East Side of Madison, which houses the coworking space for startups Starting Block, the American Family Insurance Institute for Corporate and Social Impact and DreamBank, a digital community center.

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