Toilet collapses due to internal mining and woman dies

Konongo-Odumase township was bereaved in the early hours of Sunday when a toilet collapsed, swallowing a 24-year-old woman who was answering the call of nature.

Rescue efforts by Ghana National Fire Service personnel and locals could not save the young woman who was pulled from the pit after nearly three hours.

With the help of an excavator, the rescue team removed heaps of sand from the dug pit before locating the dead body of the deceased amid anxiety and uncontrolled wailing.

Some residents blamed the incident on an abandoned internal mining pit near the toilets, but did not talk about it openly for fear of intimidation.

Residents who attempted to recount the circumstances leading up to the disaster to the media were visibly threatened by others believed to be involved in the practice.

Some of them who spoke to GNA on condition of anonymity said the home owner warned tenants not to use the toilet due to the precarious nature of the pit.

In-house mining is a common occurrence in Konongo-Odumase where most houses are known to have mining pits some of which are dug into chambers.

In 2016, the Municipal Security Council banned home mining in Konongo-Odumase following relentless complaints from residents who considered the practice dangerous to both the environment and humans.

Prior to the ban, the Assembly had arrested and brought to justice some of the perpetrators following the identification of around 70 internal mining pits in the same area where the incident occurred.

The GNA understands that despite the ban, some recalcitrant minors have continued to engage in the illegal activity, but authorities are expected to step up their efforts to address the issue following the latest incident.

Source: GNA

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