Tasmanian Labor claims against late attendance of JackJumpers chief executive in Parliament refuted | the lawyer

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Tasmania JackJumpers chairman Keryn Nylander has refuted claims by Labour’s Josh Willie of a meeting between him and the team’s chief executive Simon Brookhouse last year. Labor attacked the government this week, linking former sports minister Jane Howlett’s Cabinet resignation last week to a personal relationship between her and Mr Brookhouse. He accused Ms Howlett of having a conflict of interest due to the government contributing tens of millions of dollars to support the NBL team and NBL games in Tasmania. IN OTHER NEWS Labor leader Rebecca White asked on Wednesday why Mr Brookhouse was in Parliament late on a November night, to which Prime Minister Peter Gutwein replied that he was there to provide match tickets to Mr Willie. Mr Willie said on Thursday that the Prime Minister’s claims that Mr Brookhouse was in Parliament to visit him were categorically false. “Mr Brookhouse was already in the building with then Sports Minister Jane Howlett before speaking to me,” he said. Tasmania JackJumpers chairman Keryn Nylander, in a statement on Thursday afternoon, said Mr Brookhouse had visited Parliament on November 16 specifically to give Mr Willie JackJumpers promotional products at his request. “Before attending Parliament, Mr. Brookhouse attended an NBL Blitz game at MyState Bank Arena with me,” she said. “Mr. Brookhouse made contact with Mr. Willie as he left MyState Bank Arena at 9.37pm. “He resumed contact upon his arrival at 9.59pm to inform Mr. Willie of his arrival at Parliament.


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