Sydney woman finds gruesome reason for cheap rent in Natalie Jean Wood’s former home

A Sydney student narrowly avoided moving into a ‘haunted’ property after asking to rent the townhouse where a woman had died for eight years.

A Sydney student narrowly avoided moving into a ‘haunted’ property in the city center, after asking to rent the townhouse where a woman had died for eight years before her body was found.

The young woman, who posts under the handle @emdeebs, shared the near miss on TikTok, explaining that she was looking for a place to rent near the CBD and was impressed that the newly renovated Surry Hills property was available. for only $ 900 per week.

“Why are the only houses I can be haunted?” She captioned the clip.

She explained that she applied for the townhouse because it had three bedrooms and was “super renovated”.

“All rooms were a good size. The living and kitchen spaces were good and I was like ‘sweet’, ”she added.

But a quick Google of the address – and a click on the “new tab” – has brought a whole new meaning to the low price of property.

“I found out that a woman had died in the house and was dead for eight years before I found her,” she said.

“So I think I’ll delete my candidacy. ”

The house, at 139, rue Kippax, is the former residence of Natalie Jean Wood, known as “the woman Sydney forgot”.

Police found Ms Wood’s remains on the floor of her bedroom in July 2011, eight years after her death, on an unknown date, in February 2004.

NSW State Coroner Michael Barnes ruled in 2014 as the cause and manner of her death could not be determined, it was likely that she fell in her home and died after a ” relatively short period because she could not get up or ask for help “.

Considered a “little recluse,” according to her sister-in-law Enid Davis, Mrs. Wood would not open the door of her house without knocking clearly.

Her body was found on July 5, 2011, when Ms Davis asked her lawyer to come to the house with a key to return some of Ms Wood’s belongings.

Police went with the man and discovered Ms Wood’s skeletal remains – with her pink dentures remaining perched on her jawbone.

The police officer investigating Ms Wood’s death, Senior Detective Constable Andrew Wells, described how a layer of dust covered much of Ms Wood’s house.

The floor of his house was covered with dust and leaves.

Then the “totally uninhabitable” terrace was then sold in 2016, for $ 1,105,000.

On TikTok, some viewers claimed they also rented the house, stating that they were not haunted when they lived there.

“I lived here two years ago and got his room. I’ve never heard of her, so that’s for sure, ”one wrote.

“I moved in and five days later my roommates told me. We didn’t stay too long, ”added another.

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