Senator Cortez Masto visits Sparks Company to promote American manufacturing

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) – Senator Catherine Cortez Masto visited Via Seating in Sparks on Friday. She focused on the company to discuss the importance of producing and buying products made in America.

“We are surrounded by this incredible product,” said Senator Cortez Masto. “This company which has been in this business since 1987 and which has just been able to grow and develop and offers a product which, in our time, is durable, durable and of high quality.”

The senator also spoke about the importance of supporting companies like this as they maintain well-paying manufacturing jobs in the United States and help address supply chain shortages.

“If we can build the critical components and products that we need here, for so many of our products like cars and other things, we are able to solve the supply chain problem.”

The U.S. Innovation and Competition Act, which was backed by Senator Cortez Masto and passed the Senate last year, aims to provide more incentive for companies to produce materials here in the United States.

“Part of this focus in these investments is solving what we are currently seeing with supply chain issues and untangling them. At the same time, we should not be beholden to other countries. This country should be at the forefront of this economic competition when it comes to build American and buy American.

This bill can also help companies like Via Seating.

“It can only help us. We are made in the USA and we disassemble and manufacture our products here in Nevada,” said Chase Hepler, president and CEO of Via Seating. “So any possible changes in the legislation that can help us, we welcome.”

They currently employ 120 people at Sparks and offer a wide variety of chairs.

“We are proud to be manufacturers here in Nevada,” Hepler said. “We think it’s a great business community and it’s important that we make chairs here in the United States. The chairs are made all over the world, but the fact that we can create the quality, comfort and durability that we get with these products, design them and deliver them is essential. »

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