Santa Evita depicts “the passion of men to submit women through the body”. Mini-series About Eva Peron

Mexican actress Salma Hayek is very happy. After a pandemic that has lasted several times, this week its New project as producer, the “Santa Evita” series, which he assures will allow K to enter esoteric history in a “different and emotional” way The mutilated corpse of Eva Peronwhich reflects “men’s obsession with controlling and sometimes subjugating women through their bodies.”

“What happens to the body that has been lost, appeared, disappeared for nearly 20 years is an enigma. It’s a ‘thriller’ centered on the body after you die”The series is told about the performer and businesswoman, who focuses on the female figure “full of contradictions”, as dead and yet “full of life”.

“Santa Evita”, available on Star+, is a story based on the novel of the same title by the Argentinian author Thomas Eloy MartinezPublished in 1995 and inspired by the death of Argentina’s first woman from cancer at the age of 33 – just seven decades ago today – and the preservation, then removal and concealment of her corpse by soldiers opposed to Peronism.

A death “used in a thousand ways”

Hayek, along with series executive producer Pepe Tamez, both of production company Ventanarossa, pointed to the “merit” of the “wonderful” book.Take such a well-known character and find a very original way to tell the secret“The story of who was the second wife of President Juan Domingo Perón (1946-1955 and 1973-1974), interpreted by the Uruguayan Natalia Orio, in a series directed by Rodrigo García and produced and co-produced by Nonstop.

“This incident of his corpse shows us in different ways Men’s obsession with controlling and subduing women through their bodies sometimes“, she underlines, convinced that in “Santa Evita”, composed of seven chapters and accompanied by a cast, which, among others, figures like Ernesto Alterio, Francesc Orella and Dario Grandinetti, “varieties of passion and “control” over an “indomitable” woman.

“It’s so interesting to see how he explains so many different points of view on this. It’s also how everyone uses what they can for their political agenda. Use this death in a thousand ways and also how This Woman Is A Danger After Death Because Her Spirit Has Surely Made People Feel That Impossible Things Are Possible“, he underlines.

On July 26, 1952, Argentina was shocked by the death of Evita, whose charisma and passionate speech, and her image, often dressed in the clothes of certain firms that idolized her, had already made her an icon.

In 1955, the army which overthrew Péron, in a desire to erase all traces of Peronism, They stole the body and after a horrific journey it was hidden away for 16 years to prevent it from being worshipped.It was not until 1971 that he was made a widower during his long exile in Madrid and for 46 years he rests in the cemetery of La Recoleta in Buenos Aires.

life and death

But in addition to her death, the series also delves into how Evita, known as the “standard bearer of the humble” for her speech and her measures in favor of the working classes, forged her legend. Made because she was born in a rural area. from the province of Buenos Aires She moved to the capital as a teenager to work as an actress, met Peron and together, already in power, they made history.

,The peoples of Latin America won’t just worship himBut he would also be proud that this series is made with the jewels of our literature and with this wonderful team that we have assembled”, comments the protagonist of films like “Frida” (2002), for which She received an Oscar nomination for the best actress.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced production deadlines on the series, the premiere of which is “a highly anticipated moment” for Hayek.

,Because we were about to start, the pandemic caught up with us, we started, it caught up with us again… It hasn’t been easy this time around, and the worst thing is that what makes you even more desperate is that we’re so proud of the show that we can’t wait for it to come out.

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