Residents come together to support local entrepreneurs in the hub city

Jackson, Tennessee– Saturday night vendors gathered in downtown Jackson to sell a slew of items ranging from handmade dolls to homemade barbecue. Jaquisha Buddie, founder of the Jackson Entrepreneurs Group, says she never imagined the event would become so big.

“Today we just have a market, we have it every fourth Saturday here at the Farmers Market. We just invited all your local entrepreneurs to come and showcase their products and services,” Buddie explained.

Buddie says that as an entrepreneur herself, she knows the struggle and challenges that come with this job.

“It’s very hard, you have to work every day. Day after day, every day, it’s tough,” Buddie explained.

Maria Velasquez, owner of Miss V’s Accessories and More, says she loves the event exists because of the exposure she gets from it.

“I thought it was a great opportunity for me to meet other small entrepreneurs and network with them so they can get into other pop-ups and find out where they can set up shop,” said said Velasquez.

Another New York entrepreneur says she was amazed at the friendly atmosphere here in Jackson and said she decided to come sell because of the welcoming environment.

“They should come. There are a lot of nice people and everyone is so nice. We all have different things. It’s quite varied, so I would come, it can’t hurt to come and see,” Curtis said.

Lacy Tuesdale, founder of BodyBar by Dr.Lacy says she went out to have fun with her business partner who is also her daughter.

“We’re the home base of an all-natural store, so we’re just going out for exposure. So we thought it would be a good opportunity to get our names out there,” Tuesdale said.

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