Public Knowledge Commends FCC and NTIA for New Memorandum Improving Coordination of Spectrum Resources

Today, the Federal Communications Commission and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration announced an agreement to update their Memorandum of Understanding to better coordinate spectrum resources and prevent inter-agency conflicts. .

Last updated in 2003, the memorandum now aims to limit inter-agency spectrum disputes by requiring monthly communication between agency personnel and outlining a process for sharing technical data to resolve issues before that the FCC publicly release proposed changes to the Spectrum Policy. In return, the NTIA agrees to provide all objections in a timely manner and to support objections with evidence “based on sound engineering principles.” It also requires the FCC to notify the NTIA and the executive branch of spectrum actions that could trigger a debate.

The agreement explicitly addresses the root causes of the growing tension between the FCC and federal agencies that has hampered future spectrum planning and 5G deployment, which has resulted in many airports being nearly closed by the FAA out of fear. that new 5G services cause interference with aircraft landing equipment. The new formal processes that will be created as part of the MoU should prevent such a thing from happening in the future.

In addition, the new protocol paves the way for more rigorous long-term planning which should benefit our spectrum policy by encouraging agencies to work together to bring spectrum to market. Public Knowledge applauds FCC Chairman Jessica Rosenworcel and NTIA Administrator Alan Davidson for reaching this agreement to address harmful interference and prevent spectrum issues before they arise.

The following can be attributed to Harold Feld, Senior Vice President of Public Knowledge:

“No one could have imagined in 2003, when the FCC and NTIA last updated their agreement, how complicated it would be to balance federal needs and meet the voracious demand for wireless services. . This agreement will allow the United States to move forward on future wireless technologies, such as 6G and Wi-Fi 7, while protecting public safety and critical federal operations.

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