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The fire to realize the club’s potential and win first place in the Newcastle Rugby League is burning in Maitland Pickers new player of the year, Sam Anderson. Anderson has described winning the award among so many talented teammates as a privilege, but the star forward’s focus is always firmly on team goals rather than individual goals. “It was a good season for me and the side, but obviously frustrating because you train your back, you do most of the season and then come back to square one with no result,” Anderson said this week as he prepared. her marriage to her partner. Emily at Forster Friday. RELATED NEWS: Sam Anderson Wins 2021 Maitland Pickers Player of the Year Award “We had a good year, but it would have been nice to win the competition like everyone thought we couldn’t do the year before . “The most frustrating thing was the year before we got a lot of criticism for putting down Sydney and we really wanted to win the Newcastle competition to hold on to a lot of people who thought we couldn’t do it. “But we will have that chance this year. We have a similar team to last year, a lot of boys have stayed, so we will have a chance this year to eliminate him, hopefully.” Anderson took home the top prize after winning the Players Award last season. He said he always wanted to finish his football at Maitland and that helped him enjoy it more by being part of such a successful team with quality players. “It was also a good time for the family,” he said. “I stood up when I won the award and said that ‘the 17 that we used up every week it’s a privilege to be a part of because we have a lot of guys who have played the LNR and even guys who played “t like Alex Langbridge, who would fit into any NRL team and comfortably play No.9 ‘.” Anderson believes the platform set up by the NRL Coach Matt Lantry and the club administration led by President Frank Lawler would guarantee long-term success for the Pickers. “We have a great local junior base and we are only getting stronger. I think you would have seen that by winning the club championship this year which means you have a pretty strong club which is good for the whole Maitland area, “he said. “Everyone that said we went out bought a mockup, they live in glass houses. You look at who Kurri bought, South Newcastle, Cessnock went out and bought as many as they could.” Basically, we featured a lot of local guys who came in and did a great job. Tommy Cant stood out, he got the rookie of the year. There are guys like Taj Ridley coming up, to name a few. “There’s also a big contingent of local juniors, Matt Soper-Lawler, Brock Lamb, they kept playing football and the NRL, but they’re still local juniors like me.” Whoever means we went buy a comp are jealous because they can’t do the same. ”Did you know that you can subscribe to have full access to all Maitland Mercury stories? Subscription supports us in our coverage of the local news To subscribe, click here.


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