Ogemaw County Sheriff denounces County Council after sergeant job is abolished


OGEMAW COUNTY, Mich. (WJRT) – A Michigan sheriff blasts at a county board meeting, shocked by the removal of the sergeant’s position from his budget.

The Ogemaw County Board of Commissioners made the move last week, as a way to eliminate the possibility that Sheriff Brian Gilbert was going to put his son in the position.

He told ABC 12 News last week that he agreed with the board’s decision, that he was impatient and not backwards, but that seemed to have changed when the sheriff launched a rant against the Council of Commissioners at Thursday’s meeting.

“There’s a sheriff and it’s me, there aren’t five,” Gilbert shouted, to applause.

With friends and family attending the Ogemaw County Commissioners Council meeting, Gilbert provided an update on his desk and what an update it was.

Instead of stepping onto the podium, Gilbert paced the room, expressing his displeasure at the board’s decision to remove the sergeant’s post from its budget.

“Don’t micromanage my office. I was elected to run this office and I will definitely run it, don’t micromanage my office,” Gilbert said.

The board made the decision after an internal investigation by county attorney Greg Meihn.

During this investigation, the sheriff’s son, Deputy Brian Gilbert, refused to speak to counsel about a previous insurance fraud investigation. Lawyer for Deputy Gilbert says he refused due to an ongoing federal lawsuit in which young Gilbert is named as one of the accused.

The board then removed the sergeant’s post from the budget in case the sheriff intends to promote his son. The sheriff’s anger over the move boiled over during the meeting.

“Don’t take my kindness as a sign of weakness, because I’m going to tell you something right away, I’m not weak, because I’m a policeman and I made # $ *% that you didn’t probably didn’t even know, ”he said.

County commissioners were clearly uncomfortable with the posting.

“Tim, can we stop this, please,” asked board chair Jenny David.

She asked County Administrator Tim Dolehanty to stop the meeting. Sheriff Gilbert said he would tone things down, but that’s when Meihn rang the doorbell looking at Zoom.

“Hey guys, it’s too late to tone it down, he’s already violated so many provisions and processes,” Meihn said.

We called and left a message for the sheriff but got no response.

We spoke with Jenny David about Gilbert’s behavior at the meeting and she said, “It was unexpected, it made me extremely uncomfortable. It was unwarranted and unjustified. As a board of directors, we have a job to do and we have unanimously made a decision based on the results brought to us through an investigation.

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