NGOs want the international community to enact laws to end the war in Ukraine and Russia

Non-governmental organizations from around the world gathered at the “International Ukraine Peace Restoration Conference Center” organized by Heavenly Culture World Peace Restoration of Light (HWPL) and Business Woman Magazine as the Russian invasion of the Ukraine has been going on for more than 50 years. days.

The NGOs took the resolution on April 21, 2022 during the online meeting with more than 500 participants from 15 countries seeking and proposing ways to end the war from different angles.

The conference was organized to share the results of humanitarian assistance and call for collaborative efforts by the international community to restore peace in Ukraine.

Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports Maryna Popatenko, on the current situation in Ukraine and requests for support from the international community, said that there are now about 8 million young people left in Ukraine, of whom 2 million are become internally displaced, many are in hostilities, many have lost their homes, many have lost their jobs, their businesses and have been forced to suspend their studies.

In addition, HWPL Ukrainian branch coordinator Maria Zakharchenko explained that right after the outbreak of war, HWPL condemned the invasion of Russia, which resulted in countless civilian casualties, and urged it to respect the principles of international law through an official declaration.

She said HWPL shares humanitarian support and campaign activities to bring peace to Ukraine and will continue to carry out peace activities in the spirit of DPCW.

“We expect more attention and help from the international community to support the Ukrainian people. HWPL stressed the need for international support for Ukrainian citizens as the war drags on,” he said. she stated.

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