New Mission Valley facility to help adults with autism

RONAN – The COVID-19 pandemic has slowed down a lot of things, but not the excitement of a brand new facility for adults with autism.

Proactive Living Facility in Ronan is always on track to provide an all-inclusive facility that will not only support an underserved segment of our community, but also bring families together.

When Dawn Secord heard about a new facility being built in Mission Valley for adults with autism, she was so excited she became chair of the board.

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Dawn Secord, Chair of the Proactive Living Facility Board of Directors.

Her son, Logan – who has autism – is currently in a facility in Mississippi because it was the only place that met his needs.

Secord wants him home, “I want my baby home. I want to be able to drive here and see him, take him to dinner. Just interact with him.”

“I miss him desperately and that’s what drives me to push Proactive Living Facility, fundraise and organize the project and keep moving forward,” Secord continued.

This is an ongoing project since 2018.

“Our goal is to have four facilities at this site. Our goal is to ensure that we can help people who need help. We are starting small, but I think in the vision of it all, our Our goal is to provide them with the skills they need to live in. All of our customers and everyone who will use our facilities will need 24-hour care.” But we also believe they are valuable to our society in many ways. respects. .” – Julie Janssen with the Proactive Living Facility

Not everyone with autism can go to a group home, as many have specialized needs.

“What we’ve realized is that no one will do it for us. Montana spends over $14 million a year to send these kids out of state,” noted Rich Janssen of the Proactive Living Facility. “And not just autistic kids, but any high-risk kid; or a kid who needs more help than he can get here and that’s a lot of money leaving the state .”

Rich Janssen

MTN News

Rich Janssen with the Proactive Living Facility

The non-profit organization plans to innovate soon. “Our goal is currently to do this within the next year and we are working to achieve it,” said Julie Janssen.

“I have no idea what he thinks when he’s there, does he think his family has abandoned him? Does he think where is my mother? Where is my father? Where is my brother? So I think he can see us, that will help him thrive,” Secord told MTN News.

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