My passion for photography replaces my challenges – Kilson



My name is Precious Benjamin Kilson, I was born in June 2000.

My father’s name is Mr. Benjamin Kilson who is married to my lovely mother, Mrs. Christiana Benjamin Kilson. The two began their marital journey in the local government area of ​​Mangu, Plateau state, before moving to Jos, the state capital, in search of greener pastures. I am the fourth in a family of six children


I started my early studies at Mangu LGA before my parents decided to move to Jos. In Jos, I attended COCIN Dadin Kowa primary school, after my primary studies I moved to middle school, COCIN Dadin Kowa secondary school, after which I went to COCIN global school of Gindiri, also in the area of ​​the local administration of Mangu, in the state. I completed my high school education at Starite Collage, Bukuru, local government area of ​​Jos South. I am currently studying “guidance and counseling” here at the University of Jos. I am in my 200 kevel


As a child, I had a passion for business, especially photography. There is this passion in me to change the world through photoshoots and enjoyable books and the like. I can tell you with pride that over the past three years I have constantly searched for new and better ways to run my business to customer satisfaction. My story, however, dates back to October 2018. Today, I have three years and more in the trade. After I graduated from high school, my parents advised me to work towards fulfilling my passion rather than sitting idle while waiting for my admission. I quickly chose photography because I have a passion for it. My mother immediately paid the costs and I started the training in Dadin Kowa Jos. Today I have my own photo studio in Jos, the capital of Plateau State.


I have trained over seven people who are CEOs as we speak. Currently I have three more studying the art of photography. At the moment, I am financially independent. Aside from my tuition fees which my father is obstinate to manage, I pretty much manage for myself in what I do as a businesswoman in my company. I have also helped many others who need others.


I’m just caught up with my passion and earn my living because photography earns my living. The truth is, we live in a society where the economy bites and families struggle to survive. So in a way it affected us as well. Anyway, my passion outweighs the challenges I face.


My mentor is a photographer based in Lagos State, known as “Encourage Photography”.


I think it has to do with a lot of factors. The main ones, I think, relate to the support and encouragement from different sectors. However, if you look at it from another perspective, women also have their own problem.

There are therefore many factors! For example, some men think photography is for men and if a woman takes a picture she might not come out well. Again, some believe that if a woman is financially strong, she might be stubborn and as such, he will not allow his wife to participate in any business or enterprise. . So the factors are as many as you can think of, just like the solutions

So what makes you different from others?

For me, I have the full support of my parents. They know me inside out and we understand each other well. I told you before, it encourages me so much, therefore my story is entirely different. In addition, the simple fact that I diligently expand and succeed in my business is unique. My choice of business makes me different from others.

I think my name rings a bell for Jos. Over time, I was able to open my heart and let photography express itself through my struggle.


I was inspired by a lot of things. It could be the nature of art or beauty. Most of the time, inspiration can be drawn from the people and the quality of art waiting to be explored. I love art, photography is an art.


My biggest fear is meeting the wrong people. Some clients are very difficult. We have different types of people. Remember some are just there to criticize every move we make, but I don’t care. In fact, criticism makes me strong and inspires me to give the best of myself and to be different from others. When they criticize me, it makes me strong just as it strengthens me.


The way I do my own color separation. People prefer mine to others. I think my own style makes the difference to me. My color grading speaks for me.


I have no regrets. at all . I just love what I do. I am happy to do it.


To be a brand that people aspire to. If I have my way, I will open branches in Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna and Porthacourt. Although I love the city of Jos, I want my work to go beyond the coast of Nigeria. I want my work to go international.


Yes, I am a 200 level student from the University of Jos. I am studying guidance and counseling. It’s pretty difficult both of you. Sometimes I have to choose between the conference and my clients. Even though I have people who work with me. Most clients still insist that I take care of their work


The learning never stops. I always take every opportunity to learn and introduce a new profession. So in essence, don’t limit yourself. You have to dare to do more and learn new skills. Be creative

Successful entrepreneurs always devote 100% of their efforts to everything they do. If you know you are doing the best you can, you will never have any reason to regret. Focus on the things you can control; stay focused on your efforts and let the results be what they will be.

I always advise young girls to grow and pursue their dreams. They should at least find something to do, it will pay them off. At my age and as is currently the case, my parents do not give me any pocket money. The only thing my dad does is pay my school fees. I take care of myself. I pay the rent on my house and do so many other things for myself and my loved ones. By doing this, I took some of the burden off them. For girls who prostitute themselves, this is not the right way.


Government at all levels should actually invest in the business sector. Give us the financial means such as low rate loans to help us grow. If we are empowered, we will in turn train others, thus contributing our quota to the growth and development of the nation.


Born in June 2000, Precious Benjamin Kilson is a renowned businesswoman and Managing Director of Presh Photography, Jos. She performs pre-wedding and birthday photo shoots, wedding / event coverage, photo book, photo enlargement as well as outdoor and indoor photo shoots.

Kilson, who is tribal Mwaghavul and hails from the Mangu Local Government Area in Plateau State, has trained more than seven people who are now CEOs of their own business. She believes that her passion drove her to embrace the profession and that she is successful in it.

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