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LONDON (AP) – A London police officer on duty was sentenced to life in prison on Thursday for the kidnapping, rape and murder of a woman in a case that has shocked the nation.

Wayne Couzens, 48, has been accused of using his police identity and COVID-19 laws to trap Sarah Everard, 33, in her car in a false arrest on her way home after having visited a friend in south London on March 3. Prosecutors said he handcuffed Everard on the pretext that she broke lockdown rules, drove her away from the capital, then raped and killed her.

Couzens had pleaded guilty to the charges of kidnapping, rape and murder.

Judge Adrian Fulford said the circumstances of the case were “devastating, tragic and utterly brutal”.

Everard’s body was found in a forest in Ashford, Kent, about 60 miles (nearly 100 kilometers) south-east of London, a week after he went missing. Prosecutors said Couzens strangled her before setting the body on fire.

Couzens joined the Metropolitan Police in 2018 and had worked as part of a team protecting diplomatic venues in central London. He had worked nights at the US Embassy the day he kidnapped Everard.

Metropolitan Police said they were “disgusted, angry and devastated” by how one of her own was responsible for the crime.

In the aftermath of Everard’s murder, many questions have been raised about trust in the police and how the police control their officers. Some have also criticized Scotland Yard for not doing enough to protect women and girls and to tackle allegations of sexual violence.

After Couzens’ arrest, it emerged that he had been charged with indecent exposure at least two years before the murder of Everard, and police are currently under investigation into whether the allegations have been made. been treated correctly.

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