LaSalle woman’s luxury picnic business idea leads to partnership with Essex County winery

What started as a simple business idea by a resident of LaSalle, Ontario. wife led to a collaboration with a local winery.

His company takes the concept of an outdoor picnic and gives it an upgrade, allowing customers to purchase a high-end picnic at the location of their choice.

But thanks to a recent partnership, Proper Picnics founder Ceana Ussoletti was able to provide luxury picnic experiences on the beach at Sprucewood Shores Estate Winery.

After attending “something akin to a luxury picnic” in New York five years ago, Ussoletti launched Proper Picnics in May 2021 – at a time when indoor gatherings were limited due to the pandemic of COVID-19.

“We were under a stay-at-home order, so there wasn’t really a safe place to go. So being able to meet outside with certain groups of people, it really opened the door for stings. -nices,” she said.

“You could get together with family and close friends. I think that’s really what started Proper Picnics.”

Within days, she says, the business exploded. Customers were clamoring for a completely unique outdoor experience.

Ussoletti added that she likely would have started the business anyway, even if the COVID-19 pandemic had never emerged. But the restrictions likely accelerated its success.

In the fall, before picnic season, Sprucewood Shores Estate Winery contacted Proper Picnics.

Proper Picnics moves into Sprucewood Shores Estate Winery on June 4, 2022. (Sanjay Maru/CTV News Windsor)“One of our landlords saw her move in with her neighbor and thought that was what we needed at the winery,” regional manager Melanie Mason said, adding that Spurcewood Shores is the only winery by the sea in Ontario.

“We’ve been making picnic baskets here for years already. It’s just a chance for us to make a higher experience for people who really want to enjoy our property.

Victoria Marsella, who booked a nice picnic at Sprucewood Shores with Fina Pirrone and Olivia Marsella, said she had never had a luxury picnic experience on the beach until Saturday.

“It’s good because you can enjoy it on weekends with friends or you can adapt it to any venue or event. It’s very unique,” Marsella said.

For Pirrone, the luxury outdoor picnic experience gives people something new to do in the area.

“It gets people to see the vineyards because we have such beautiful vineyards here,” Pirrone said.

Despite the partnership with the winery, Proper Picnics continues to offer luxury picnics to customers from other locations, such as local parks or their own backyards.

But Ussoletti said she’s just grateful for the success she’s had so far and hopes to inspire others to make their business ideas a reality.

“Put aside any fears you may have about what other people think,” Ussoletti advised.

“If you’re passionate about it and you’ll really enjoy it, there’s no reason you shouldn’t pursue it.”

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