Kim Kardashian Finally Passes Bar Law Exam On Fourth Attempt, Says It Was “Not Easy”

Kim Kardashian-West is thrilled after she finally passed her bar exam on Monday.

After three unsuccessful attempts in the past two years, she finally passed the bar exam on her fourth attempt.

“OMFGGGG I PASSED THE BABY BAR EXAM,” she wrote on her social media post.

In a detailed Instagram and Twitter post, the reality TV star said she was “proud of the woman” she has become.

Sharing details about her course in law school, Kardashian-West had said it was not easy and that success was not handed over to her.

The past two years after failing the bar exam have been tough, but the 41-year-old said she never gave up and studied harder each time until she succeeds.

She also revealed that she was recovering from COVID on her third try and suffered from a high fever.

According to the California State Bar, only law students who do not follow a traditional path – including those who do not have the required years in college – should pass the “Baby Bar.”

The exam consists of four essays and 100 multiple-choice questions on contracts, criminal law and torts, according to the AFP report. Only about a fifth to a quarter of candidates pass the exam, according to state bar figures.

In fact, even the best lawyers had told Kardashian-West that her trip to California was “nearly impossible” than the traditional law school route because of its higher success rate.

Since she studies in California, the model businesswoman said she will have to take two bar exams, and the “baby bar” was only the first. She will only be allowed to practice law when tests can determine that she has good character.

“It was my only option, and it’s so so good to be here and on track to achieve my goals,” she wrote.

Kardashian-West then thanked Yale-trained lawyer Van Jones for encouraging her to enroll in law school and introducing her to Jessica Jackson, Advocacy Officer for The Reform Alliance, and the former public defender Erin Haney.

She also thanked the two lawyers who took the model to the courtrooms to monitor their every move. “I respect them so much and thank you both for letting me follow along and ask all the little questions along the way,” she said.

Kardashian-West also thanked her Bar Bri Law School prep team for putting her together with life-changing Professors Sam Arlen Farkas and Chuck Shonholtz. She said she and her teachers had to do four-hour daily Zoom calling sessions, 10-hour daily practice, and face-to-face practice tests for several weeks. “Thank you guys for putting in the hours and teaching me everything I needed to know,” she added.

The TV star has previously pushed for criminal justice reform and leniency in individual cases. She traveled to the White House to meet with former President Donald Trump in 2019.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians star Robert Kardashian’s late father was an American lawyer and died in September 2003 after his battle with esophageal cancer. He had successfully defended athlete-turned-movie star OJ Simpson against a double murder charge in one of the most notorious American trials of the 20th century.

Remembering her father, she said she knew her father would be proud of her and would be shocked to know that she had chosen this path now. “He would have been my best study partner … (and) my greatest cheerleader,” she said.

She then shared her stories and said that people have told her that Kardashian Sr has been known to make fun of people who failed their first attempt like he did.

The bottom line is, Kardashian-West advised people to never give up. Even when you’re holding on to a thread, you can do it, she said. “Think about it and do it because it’s so good once you’re on the other side,” she concluded.

Kardashian-West is currently in the process of divorcing her musician ex-husband Kanye West.

US media reported last week that she had asked a judge to be declared “officially single” and to remove her husband’s last name from his current official name, Kim Kardashian-West.

The couple have four children, two of whom were in the audience with their mother last week when West allegedly improvised a plea in the middle of the song for Kardashian to be reconciled with him.

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