Imagine eating risotto with Tessa Thompson? !

Hello and welcome to No Filter! This is the column where I keep you up to date with all the hot gossip on Celesbian IG!

Ummm Mae as Hunky Cowboy? Don’t mind if I do!!!

Imagine eating risotto with Tessa Thompson? Like, could there be a better time to have?? Already!?

HMMM but also watching women’s football with Kate and Leisha would be EXTREMELY fun!

The thing about these two is that they are so in love? Like, yeah, sometimes on a level where it hurts me, but look at them dancing!

WATCH this dress also on Niecy my WORD. The sacred definition of SNATCHED!

Don’t look like a total TikTok teenager, but as the kids say: VIBES

Trace does film press in Venice! We love to see it and I LOVE to see white women sporting this orange color!

It’s very possible that Sue Bird is my whole vision board for fall?

Meanwhile, Meg brings that energy to the practice (god help me, I almost called it rehearsal lmaooo)

Gillian PLEASE leave me alone with this rude ass caption!!!

Well, that sounds like a great way to spend a day!

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