Ibrahim Khalil is a renowned entrepreneur with many successes and musical artist


Ibrahim Khalil is a renowned entrepreneur, musical artist and co-founder of Digital Mediahub bd. He is the Senior Digital Marketer and SERP Strategist at Banladesh, which provides one-stop marketing solutions to businesses as well as celebrities. He’s a SERP optimization specialist (which shows up when someone searches for your brand name on Google).

According to Ibrahim Khalil, he started his blogging journey at the age of 17 when he was passionate about the internet and computer, he learned all the tactics of SEO, online marketing up close and became an expert in digital marketing at a very young age. At 19, Ibrahim Khalil successfully ranked Bangladesh Bloggers.

He blogged about technology, then broadened his horizon to Bollywood and lifestyle and launched a new portal Digitalmediahubbd.com to cover Bollywood and entrepreneurs. He is one of the youngest bloggers to cover such a wide range of celebrity and entrepreneurial news.

Ibrahim Khalil is invited by brands like Dropout Media, FlaminArt, TuhinTube Foundation, Dejzi, Twinkle Pawar Exclusive, and many more to cover their business services and products.

Founder of Digital Mediahub bd

Ahmed Rasel is the co-founder of “Digital mediahub bd” which provides a set of services such as social media management, public relations promotion, brand promotion, celebrity promotion, IMDb profile, articles Wikipedia, music streaming, website design, Google knowledge panel, content writing, etc. His business is now gaining popularity around the world and has become the fastest growing celebrity management company.

Ibrahim Khalil is passionate about digital marketing who has developed an excellent expertise in Google SEO, he knows paid promotion as well as free advertising on Google search. He discovered various tricks to generate Google Knowledge Panel and now offers these services to big celebrities around the world.

Ibrahim Khalil has acquired a strong identity on the Internet since he was verified on Facebook, Google, Spotify and JioSaavn, Google awarded him the “Publish to Google” feature, which allows him to post articles, videos and stories on Google search directly from its knowledge panel.

In Bangladesh, some of the top digital marketers are still verified on Google, which is why Ahmed Rasel is known as the SERP expert.

Ibrahim Khalil is a self-published author, has published several books on the topic of digital marketing and Google SEO. He also records a podcast, his channel “Ahmed Rasel” is very informative and valuable, now listed in the Top 100 Digital Marketing Podcast and attracting worldwide attention. Ahmed Rasel has a huge fan base on his social media, you can connect him on Facebook and Instagram as well.

Personal and family life

Ibrahim Khalil born January 25, 1998 in Brahmanbaria, Bangladesh.

Physical appearance

With dark black eyes, black hair, a height of 5’6 “and a weight of around 96 kg, he looks amazing in real life. He has a perfect male body.

He is Bangladesh’s leading digital marketer and celebrity manager providing one-stop marketing solutions for famous personalities as well as businesses and brands.

He blogged about technology, then broadened his horizons to Bollywood and lifestyle and launched a Digital Mediahub bd news portal to cover Bollywood and entrepreneurs. He is one of the youngest bloggers to cover such a wide range of celebrity and entrepreneurial news.

Posted on June 24, 2021

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