Hundreds of Amazon packages arrive at a woman’s door, but she never ordered them


Jillian Cannan orders packages for her small business all the time, but on June 5, she started getting Amazon packages at her doorstep that she had not ordered. Lots of packages. Some on pallets deposited by huge delivery trucks.

Over 100 packages later, Cannan, of Buffalo, New York, was inundated with thousands of items she hadn’t ordered or wanted. She initially thought the boxes were supplies ordered by her business partner, but after opening some of them, she discovered that they contained thousands of silicone support frames to use inside the face masks of adult and child size.

“When I started receiving the packages, I called Amazon to try and return them, but they explained to me that they officially belonged to me because they had been delivered to my house,” Cannan said.

The days passed and the packages kept arriving. Some were from Amazon warehouse trucks, and some were from UPS and the US Postal Service. Each package was addressed to Cannan’s home, but no sender or return address was listed on the label. At one point, Cannan was speaking with representatives from Amazon daily to try to determine what was going on, looking for tracking numbers and scanning barcodes to find the person responsible.

The Amazon boxes, according to Jillian Cannan, were delivered to her home in Buffalo, NY on June 16, 2021.Courtesy of Jillian Cannan

“At first I was convinced this was a scam, or maybe someone was trying to clear their warehouse,” Cannan said. “But because all of the elements were the same, I don’t think that’s the case here.”

During this time, the packages continued to arrive. Some showed up on pallets in huge delivery trucks, and others piled up so high that a neighbor noticed she couldn’t see Cannan’s front door.

Cannan posted an article about the situation on his Facebook page, drawing the attention of his community and local media. Finally, Amazon agreed to escalate the case and Cannan eventually got a call telling her that she had successfully tracked down the original order and deleted her address there, assuring her that she would no longer receive packages, with the exception of those already in transit.

Stuck with hundreds of packages containing thousands of face mask holders, Cannan consulted with her four children on how they could use the items to do something useful. Inspired by her business, which focuses on DIY projects, the Cannan family and their business partner came up with a fun idea that would ensure their newly inherited inventory was not wasted.

“We were just like, ‘How do we get something positive out of this hilarious thing?’” Cannan said. “So my business partner and I contacted the children’s hospitals and we decided to make a mask to decorate and include the holder in the little kit with a blank face mask and crayons and stickers for the kids to work on. while they are in the hospital.

Cannan asked Amazon to donate the remaining supplies needed for the kit. In light of everything that has happened, she said, that was the least they could do.

Amazon initially rejected the request, but Cannan said it is still negotiating with representatives and is awaiting a final response. Amazon could not be reached for comment.

“I’m trying to put a positive spin on this,” she said. “I have four little kids, and I’m trying to show them how to make lemonade from lemons, and just run with it.”

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