How social media influenced Maximus Fay to become a business entrepreneur

Let’s face it, if you scroll through any kind of social media, you’ll come across someone living their best life, earning seven figures from their media-based businesses. This has sparked the wild imagination of entrepreneurs around the world. Maximus Fay, fresh out of high school, was in the same boat as these people. What separated Maximus from this group was his passion and consistency. Maximus has only been involved in the space for two years, but in that time he has created a handful of ventures that have changed his life forever. We had the opportunity to speak to Maximus about his experiences and opinions.

Jackson Weimer: What prompted you to follow this path at such a young age? Was there a particular event or experience that you think really got you started?

Maxim Fay: I used to play video games or waste time aimlessly browsing through different social media platforms when I met kids my age and even younger who were making tons of money online. I started watching them more and more and eventually I got tired of watching them live the lifestyle I wanted. One day I decided that nothing bad could come out of me trying to be productive, so I’d say that’s really where the journey began.

Weimar: Do you think there is something unique about social media as a place for business management? Do you see it as a strength or rather something you have to work around?

Do: Sure. For me, it allows a creator/business to establish an audience and form a community more easily than any other medium. It is also a great source of motivation in general. For me, I see people who inspire me, and because of that, I go out and do things that probably inspire someone else. While you have to be extra careful when using a social media account, especially for a business, it’s a big strength if you know how to maneuver the roads and the network.

Weimar: What sparked your interest in becoming an entrepreneur in particular? How would you compare your journey to that of others around you?

Do: Originally, I was just motivated to make money. I literally locked myself in my bedroom for eight or more hours a day all summer of 2021 in order to master trading options and digital asset futures and derivatives. I came away with a consistent trading strategy based on technical analysis that made me a lot of money over the next few months. It was from there that I got really passionate about building wealth and making that money work for me. I thought that I could satisfy this desire by expanding my activities to other sources of income. Many of those around me started out as entrepreneurs, but for me, I would say it only really interested me once I had made my money and wanted it to create passive income. So for me, my original goal was just to make money, but once I got it, I saw these businesses as the best way to generate that passive income that I wanted.

Weimar: Could you tell us a bit more about these companies? Were there any companies that disappointed you?

Do: Currently, I’m working on something I call MCF Enterprise, an enterprise that streamlines the business development process. Before that, I co-founded isonomy, a company that will soon begin its first round of financing. I wouldn’t say any companies let me down in terms of the idea, but some of the progress has been slower than expected. Unfortunately, this is something that has to happen, so I’m just doing what I can to fix it.

Weimar: What do you like or hate about being an entrepreneur? How does working primarily on social media affect this?

Do: For me, I think it’s really motivating that the rewards of being an entrepreneur are based on merit – not on age, a factor beyond my control, and institutional education, which is a factor I I didn’t want to prioritize. While social media as a whole isn’t the only opportunity that meets these criteria, I couldn’t find a space that simultaneously offered as much freedom and opportunities for business and networking as social media. I will say though that in the beginning I had to get used to not working alone and having others really rely on me. It was stressful at times, but now I feel like I’m stronger with my network. It’s very hard to be successful without working with others when it comes to running a business like this, so I would say it’s really important to have those collaborative skills.

This conversation has been edited and shortened for clarity.

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