How Serial Entrepreneur Nicole Tabs Helps Build Million Dollar Businesses


Nicole Tabs masters the art of doing it all, especially when it comes to building successful businesses from scratch. She is co-founder of film company Serendipity Group Inc, CEO and co-founder of business development agency Monarchy Media. As if that wasn’t enough, she’s also the co-founder of a modern fitness brand called Upliffs.

How does a woman deal with all of this? With a will to succeed and excellent genes. She has a strong business acumen that runs in the family, so it’s no surprise that Tabs is consistently successful in her endeavors. And, if you thought all of her current projects were enough, she’s not planning on slowing down.

All in the family

It’s never a walk in the park when it comes to developing different brands, especially successful ones. But for Tabs, it helps that much of it is intrinsic to who she is. In large part, this instinct for business is due to his family.

She had a good role model in her father, himself a serial entrepreneur, who always showed her what entrepreneurship looks like.

Living with her father’s inspiration for the kind of lifestyle she was already inclined to made it easy for Tabs to step into the entrepreneurial world. She started out as an influencer, fitness enthusiast, and sportswear model, and quickly became an entrepreneur, quickly picking up one project after another to get to where she is today.

And his father wasn’t the only one to inspire Tabs. Her mother – the co-founder of Tabs’ Serendipity Group Inc. – is a strong and powerful woman herself. The film company has all the more family ties because it was a name suggested by his father – “serendipity”, which means “development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way”, is a word he love.

The film company’s latest project is a six-episode television series with Will Smith and Jay-Z at the helm as executive producers. Greenlit by ABC in association with Serendipity, the series is called Women of the Movement. Each season aims to spotlight notable civil rights women. The first season will feature Granny Till Mobley, who has spent her life seeking justice after her son, Emmett Till, a black teenager, who was tragically murdered in 1955.

The butterfly effect of business

One of the most exciting companies in Tabs after Serendipity has been Monarchy media, which started out as a business aimed at marketing influencers. As of 2018, it has grown exponentially, slowly evolving to include other marketing and media management needs. Today, it is a thriving business development agency.

Successful businesses need successful partnerships to continue their ascent to the top, and in 2019 Tabs found their perfect match. When Andrea d’Agostini became co-founder, they blended Tabs’ experience as an Instagram influencer and d’Agostini’s years of entrepreneurship and marketing experience to form an unstoppable combination.

Along with d’Agostini’s brand network, he and Tabs quickly capitalized on two existing careers to propel Monarchy to the top, starting by fostering relationships between brands and influencers.

“Then we realized we could expand to social media, websites, email marketing, staff, and sales training,” Tabs said. “And then it became a full-fledged business development agency. “

This allowed Tabs to focus on the creative side and production. In contrast, d’Agostini focused on the marketing and entrepreneurial side of Monarchy, together creating a powerful business model that Tabs added, really works.

But their dream team wasn’t just about business. It was a perfect match that exceeded all of Tabs’ expectations, so much so that they ended up getting married in 2020.

Still so strong

With all of her success, Tabs could afford to slow down, but why would she? The entrepreneur is as strong as ever and her projects never stop growing.

After Serendipity and Monarchy, she co-founded a company called Upliffs in mid-2020. The fitness company is a way for Tabs to go back to its fitness roots and include everything from resistance bands and leggings to gym bags and backpacks in attractive color combinations. She started the business because she believes, as the website says, “Your workouts should never be a drag. “

What keeps her going? Show women that they can achieve the success they want. “I am a female entrepreneur who creates seven-figure brands. And now I want to show other women, or anyone who wants to listen, that they can do the same, ”she said.

Her latest move is a YouTube series, in which she started helping other people learn the skills she’s managed to accumulate while using her skills and connections to build her brand. As she said, “You can take advantage of almost anything when building a brand. “

The show, which launched last month, takes viewers on its journey from personal to professional success. She feels more able to share this story now after many years of success under her belt. She hopes watching it will help young entrepreneurs learn from her experience and advance in their own endeavors.

About Nicole tabs
Nicole Tabs is a serial entrepreneur and humanitarian who is the CEO and co-founder of Monarchy, a very successful business development agency. She is also the co-founder of Serendipity Group, which is launching its new television series on ABC as announced on Deadline. To view Monarchy services, click here.

Posted on October 27, 2021

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