How much does it cost for a single race?

Government sponsorship sheds light on NASCAR advertising costs

In a truly unique NASCAR deal, a village is willing to sponsor a NASCAR Cup Series team.

Elk Grove Village, Illinois is a suburb of Chicago. It’s the largest consolidated business park in North America, but the region is still looking for growth.

The industrial park is nearly 6 square miles of the 12 square mile area. It is adjacent to O’Hare International Airport as well as several major highways.

The region is home to a population of 32,812.

The village has been declared Municipality of the Year 2022. They note that advertising is a useful tool for the village and that it works. Their business slogan is “Makers Wanted”.

They announced a partnership with RFK Racing. The village will be No. 6’s primary sponsor at the 2023 Chicago Street NASCAR race.

Concretely, the industrial park is at the origin of the sponsorship. The village is trying to attract more manufacturing companies to the area.

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Mayor Craig Johnson

The sponsorship announcement was made on October 17. The Mayor was there:

“Elk Grove Village is home to the largest industrial park in North America. We are surrounded by incredible transportation options and our city is working hard to make it a destination for business,” said Mayor Craig Johnson.

Johnson added, “Partnering with RFK for a marquee race allows us to reach a wide audience with a partner who shares a passion for American business and manufacturing.”

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Brad Keselowski on Elk Grove Village

Brad Keselowski – Elk Grove Village – NASCAR sponsorship (Photo: RFK Racing)

Keselowski is co-owner of RFK Racing. He also owns his own manufacturing company. Keselowski was on hand in Illinois for the new sponsorship announcement.

“This is a one-of-a-kind partnership that I’m especially excited about,” said NASCAR Cup Series champion Keselowski.

“Mayor Johnson, his team and the people of Elk Grove have a clear sense of the manufacturing industry and have shown through many examples how they give back to the community and surrounding areas.”

Keselowski added, “The Chicago Race next year will be one of the most anticipated events in our sport’s history, and we’re proud to be carrying Elk Grove Village with us in the #6 Ford. “

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NASCAR sponsorship fees, for a single race?
Brad Keselowski - Elk Grove Village - NASCAR Sponsorship - RFK Racing
Brad Keselowski – Elk Grove Village – NASCAR sponsorship (Photo: RFK Racing)

Referral numbers are usually kept secret. Private teams are not required to disclose this information.

Sponsorship cost data is usually only released during lawsuits and other legal cases. And in most of those cases, the data shows a full sponsorship season with a certain number of races.

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This is a very rare situation.

The public village of Elk Grove will sponsor the team for one race only. And those numbers are publicly available.

Elk Grove Village will spend $400,000 on their sponsorship of car #6, for the one-off race. It should be noted that the Chicago Street race likely has a higher value due to the interest generated by NASCAR’s new event.

In 2020, Elk Grove Village spent $300,000 to sponsor college football’s Bahamas Bowl.

The Chicago Street Course event will take place on the weekend of July 4, 2023. The track has been in the works for several years, this will be the inaugural event.

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