How much did Mackenzie Scott donate to Girl Scouts?

MacKenzie Scott, who was once married to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, is a highly regarded philanthropist known for her generous donations and grants to nonprofits and community initiatives.

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And his latest donation breaks records.

On Tuesday, The Girl Scouts of the USA revealed that Scott had donated $84.5 million to the organization and 29 local branches, marking the largest donation the company has ever received in its more than 100 years of existence.

The Girl Scouts plan to use the funding to help make up for lost funding during the pandemic – as an organization that thrives on fundraising and in-person events, memberships have been hit hard in the age of COVID protocols.

Other uses of the funds will go towards improving science and technology education for its members, D&I initiatives (including reaching new members from underserved communities), and renovating campsites and other sites. Girl Scout.

“Organizations set their budget every year, and most of them also have a 3-5 year vision and strategy. However, some programs may be reduced or the 5-year plan may not be possible due to the nature unstable fundraising,” says Steve Greenias, managing director of online fundraising platform Givesmart. Entrepreneur how organizations of this size can begin to distribute a donation as large as Scott’s. “Every organization has a list of priorities based on its financial health. There are also unforeseen expenses ranging from building maintenance to the impacts of inflation. A gift of this caliber fills budget gaps and allows organizations to make responsible investments in infrastructure, staff and plans for long-term sustainability.”

The organization also plans to use Scott’s gift to “foster meaningful curriculum innovation informed by girls’ current interests and needs to prepare them for leadership, including an increased focus on career readiness and well-being.” -being mental,” according to a press release.

Girl Scouts of the USA CEO Sofia Chang said Scott’s support of the nonprofit “honestly means just as much as giving” and that post-pandemic, she aims for Girl Scouts are “building back stronger than ever before.”

And while Girl Scout cookie sales have remained strong (the organization made just over $3 million in sales during the 2021 season), revenue from that alone hasn’t been enough to put implement the changes that the organization wishes to implement.

“Being transparent with the breakdown of expenses versus programming costs exemplifies what it takes to sustain an organization,” says Greenias. “Sharing a statistic on the amount of additional revenue needed to continue, in the case of Girl Scouts – for programs, camps, financial aid, etc., underscores that cookie sales alone will not be enough. Any organization A nonprofit or school should share how their constituents benefit, where the money is going, and what their funding gaps are.No organization should assume their support network knows this information.

Scott recently made headlines when she filed for divorce last month from her second husband, Dan Jewett, after just over a year and a half of marriage.

Prior to her filing, she donated two Beverly Hills homes to the California Community Foundation to support the nonprofit’s affordable housing and immigrant integration initiatives, with an estimated total value of $55 million. of dollars.

It’s part of a pledge the philanthropist made in 2019 to donate the majority of her wealth to nonprofits and philanthropic efforts as part of the Giving Pledge — when billionaires pledge to donate the majority of their wealth to charitable causes by the end of their lives.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Scott’s net worth was estimated at $28.4 billion.

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