Herefordshire businesswoman launches new bakery business

A HEREFORDSHIRE woman has started a new food business that is sure to tantalize the taste buds.

Eszter Winger is from Hungary and has lived in Leominster since 2019 with her husband and two children.

She recently opened the home bakery Winger Macarons, making meringue-based confections for every taste and flavor.

The macaroon is said to have been introduced to France by the Italian chef of Queen Catherine de Medici during the Renaissance.


Since the 19th century, a typical Parisian macaroon has been presented with a filling of ganache, buttercream or jam sandwiched between two biscuits.

Ms. Winger first worked as a nurse, but has always enjoyed cooking and baking.

She said her colleagues told her she should do something in the food business.

“My co-workers have always said that I have a sense of beauty and deliciousness at the same time,” she said.

Ms Winger said she started learning the secret to making macarons in February this year and has been learning and perfecting it ever since.


She said her daughter first tasted macaroons about a year ago and loved them.

She was looking for them on the corner shelves and it was impossible to find them.

This led her to think that if others were facing the same problem, there might be a demand for them.

Mrs. Winger makes two types of macaroons. She makes traditional French macarons from more conservative tastes and more elegant and fashionable macarons with interesting flavor combinations.

“I work with the best ingredients, organic almond flour, only free-range eggs and real Belgian chocolate. Quality is non-negotiable.

“The macaron is better if you have to close your eyes when you eat it.”

Ms. Winger hopes to expand her business in the future.

She said: “My big dream is to have a small bakery, where people can come after a hard day and treat themselves to a little macaron.”

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