Gloucester County GOP Chairwoman Jacci Vigilante Calls Election Year Stunt

Gloucester County GOP Chairwoman Jacci Vigilante Calls Election Year Stunt

Republican county commissioners vote no to election season smoke and mirrors

MULLICA HILL — Republican Gloucester County Chair Jacci Vigilante today said the Democratic-controlled County Board of Commissioners’ spending freeze resolution passed Wednesday night was a political stunt.

“Suddenly the Democrats on the Board of Commissioners are expecting hard-working Gloucester County taxpayers to believe they are preoccupied with spending,” said GCGOP President Jacci Vigilante. “The truth is that they have the same poll number as us and know they will have problems in November.”

Vigilante continued, “If Democrats were really concerned about saving money, they wouldn’t be spending $740,000 on ‘community outreach,’ which is really nothing more than a way to deliver. the names of Commissioners DiMarco and DiCarlo hand-delivered to voters. The hiring of a new six-figure deputy business administrator would not have been approved. And, they didn’t care about a spending freeze when the budget was passed just a few months ago, when Commissioners DeSilvio and Konawel called for greater relief for taxpayers.

“To make matters worse, the passage of this resolution was obviously pre-arranged, given that a press conference announcing the spending freeze was hastily called only two hours before the commissioners’ meeting.” Vigilante added, “They even went so far as to exclude the Republican commissioner’s aides from the press conference.”

“When Commissioners Konawel and DeSilvio raised their concerns, both the County Business Administrator and the Supervising Commissioner formally declared the resolution non-binding, meaning this spending freeze does not is nothing more than a desperate blow to the election year,” Vigilante said. “I am proud of our commissioners for recognizing this stunt for what it is, the smoke and mirrors of election season and for voting no. After the Republican victory in November, taxpayers will then see real savings.

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