Gianluca Vacchi Net Worth – How Wealthy Is The Italian Entrepreneur?

Gianluca Vacchi is a well-known Italian businessman, writer, DJ and social media celebrity. He is famous for the extravagant lifestyle he shares on the internet with his luxury cars, jets and yachts. He has been dubbed by some as the most interesting man in the world. In 2022, Gianluca Vacchi estimated the net worth at $200 million.


Vacchi was born in the large city of Bologna in northern Italy on August 5, 1967. His father, Marco Vacchi, was president of the Bank of Bologna and later owner of IMA, an international company.

He studied economics and business at the University of Bologna, where he obtained a bachelor’s degree. He joined the family business at the age of 25. He and his cousin, Alberto, eventually helped the company go public, and they still own a large share of the company.

Reports indicate that he owns about half of the company, directly or indirectly. Alberto is the CEO of IMA, while Gianluca remains on the board. His father is their honorary president.

Commercial enterprises

Besides IMA, Gianluca had other ways to build up a significant fortune. His main interest was the stock market. He has long been involved in the buying and selling of many securities.

He honed his skills by dealing with many components of the business sector. Consequently, he ascends to the position of President of the Societa Europea Autocaravan (SEA).

The already accomplished man founded ToyWatch, a designer watch company, in 2006. It grew rapidly in its first year before being sold off. His last business was Last Minute Tour, a travel and tourism business which he also sold when it was doing well.

leave business

At 45, he left the business world to enjoy life. In 2013, he decided to become a DJ and performed with many artists and stars around the world.

This became the basis of his social media success. He started posting on Instagram in May 2013 and has since used his platform to flaunt his opulent lifestyle.

After sharing a video of him dancing with model Giorgia Gabriele, he went viral. He is also the author of his biography and his first book #Enjoy to add to his fame. Vacchi now has 22.1 million followers.

Private life

The entrepreneur-turned-musician was once engaged to Melissa Satta, but the romance dissolved after a while. Vacchi and Giorgia Gabriele, the woman in his first viral video, started dating after three years of friendship. They married in 2014 but separated three years later.

Gianluca Vacchi’s current girlfriend is Sharon Fonseca. She is a model and journalist from Venezuela who is 30 years younger than Vacchi. They started seeing each other in 2018 and they had a baby in 2020, a girl named Blu Jerusalem Vacchi. Currently, the couple is engaged.

However, the 54-year-old’s financial and personal life has not always been easy. In 2017 Banks confiscated his assets, including several homes, due to a £9.5million debt.

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