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QUEENSBURY – Warrensburg supervisor Kevin Geraghty was elected the new chair of the Warren County Board of Supervisors Thursday morning.

Rachel Seeber, a general supervisor from Queensbury, did not seek re-election as president she held in 2020.

Geraghty received more votes than Queensbury General Supervisor Brad Magowan. The vote was 578-424 in favor of Geraghty, according to the county council’s weighted voting system.

Geraghty, a former county council chairman who had been acting county administrator for a time, chose not to speak about his appointment at the council’s annual organizational meeting.

After the votes were cast and Geraghty was sworn in, he thanked everyone for their support. He said he would also work to bring civility back to the board.

He said he hopes to work with everyone on both sides of the political aisle to make it happen.

“I also want to thank the former President for her service over the past year and the efforts she has put in during a trying year with COVID,” said Geraghty.

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Seeber spoke of the need to refocus on completing her doctorate, which she put on hold while she was in the post, and said she looked forward to representing Queensbury as general supervisor at the to come up.

“I look forward to continuing to work hard for my community, but also to teach, to finish my studies and to put my family first,” she said in a written statement to The post-star After the meeting. “Community service is a privilege and I was so honored to be the first President and I will always be grateful for this opportunity.”

Bolton supervisor Ron Conover has appointed Geraghty to be chosen as chairman of the board of supervisors for 2022.

He said it had been a privilege to work alongside Geraghty for the past 12 years, this year being their 13e year working together.

“For me, Kevin is a real leader,” said Conover. “I think these accomplishments and many more, I think they speak for themselves.”

Glens Falls 3e Neighborhood Supervisor Claudia Braymer nominated for Glens Falls 1st Ward Supervisor Jack Diamond, a former mayor of Glens Falls, for the post of president, citing his many years of “distinguished service” in the city.

“He is well respected here on the county supervisory board and I would be very happy to have him as chairman of the board.”

Diamond thanked her, but declined her nomination.

Thinking back to the meetings that took place last year while Seeber was president, played a role in his decision, he said.

“I certainly don’t want to go through the pain and anguish of President Seeber, so I will respectfully decline,” he said.

Glens Falls 4e Neighborhood Supervisor Dan Bruno spoke up and appointed Queensbury General Supervisor Brad Magowan for the job. He says he has known him for years and worked alongside him on various committees.

“He’s fair, open-minded, objective. He is a human person. He works with people regardless of their party affiliation and he is very diligent no matter what position he finds himself in, ”Bruno said.

Magowan asked for the opportunity to speak to the board to explain why he wanted to accept the nomination.

He didn’t want to disrespect any of the other board members but said he felt he would be able to do a fair job. He said the past year has shown him how important it is to unite and work together. He showed his “Team Warren County” hat as he spoke.

“I feel like I can pursue the unity we are all looking for in a calmer and kinder way,” he said.

Jay Mullen is a reporter for The post-star covering the Town of Glens Falls, County Warren and Crime and Courts. You can reach him at (518) 742-3224 or [email protected]

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