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SAIPAN – Former Imperial Pacific International LLC President Cui Li Jie Cui Hired Guam Attorney David Lujan To Represent Her In The Trial Of Seven Construction Workers Alleging Labor Law Violations And Trafficking human being.

David Lujan

Lujan filed an appearance on behalf of Cui on Saturday at the NMI District Court.

He said his law firm, Lujan & Wolff, had been selected that day, but due to existing commitments and outstanding legal issues in Guam, “Lujan & Wolff respectfully requests that the Status Conference set for June 28, 2021 continues until July or after. 17, 2021. “

Cui is a third-party witness in the Seven Workers’ lawsuit against IPI and its former contractor and subcontractor, MCC International and Gold Mantis Construction Decoration, both of which have settled with the plaintiffs.

Lawyer Juan Lizama previously represented Cui, but she recently told the court that she was not happy with his representation.

Recently, IPI recently announced Cui’s resignation as chairman of the board and executive director of the company.

The plaintiffs’ attorney, Aaron Halegua, said Cui failed to obey the court’s retention order.

In her third status report to federal court filed on Friday, Halegua said that “the status conference scheduled to take place on Monday June 28 will mark three months since the court issued its amended order for Ms. Cui to describe it. and electronically retains stored information or ESI data. “

Halegua said that at the time of this filing, Cui still had not fully complied with the order to provide a description of his creation and how the data was used.

“The plaintiffs spent more than 50 hours trying to compel Ms. Cui to comply with the court’s preservation order,” he said.

He submitted the first situation report on May 28, 2021 and a second situation report on June 2, 2021.

“The reports describe a pattern of behavior of Ms. Cui and Mr. [How Yi] Chi to hinder the plaintiffs’ efforts to preserve Ms. Cui’s ESI data, which already justifies Ms. Cui’s contempt, ”Halegua said.

Chi is Cui’s official interpreter.

He said that on June 3, 2021, the court ordered the following: (i) Cui must submit a signed statement detailing the steps it has taken to preserve ESI and responding to specific questions posed by the plaintiffs; (ii) his then lawyer, Juan T. Lizama, to send Cui’s cell phone and SIM card (s) to TransPerfect in New York so that the data can be retained; and (iii) Cui to seek a lawyer before the next status conference.

As for Cui’s statement filed on June 10, Halegua said it contained “false statements.”

“One of these seemingly inaccurate or false statements concerns Ms. Cui’s SIM cards,” he said.

In Cui’s statement, she said that a SIM card she used on Saipan was kept in the “old phone” that had been sent to TransPerfect.

However, TransPerfect said the phone did not contain a SIM card, Halegua said.

“The only SIM card sent to TransPerfect is the one pictured in Exhibit 2, which appears to have never been used,” he added.

“The complainants are also investigating other statements made in court by Ms. Cui and Mr. Chi that the complainants believe are false.”

According to Halegua, Cui’s cell phone was not shipped from Saipan by Lizama until June 9, 2021.

“Because an iTunes backup encryption password was enabled on Ms. Cui’s phone, but Ms. Cui did not have the password, TransPerfect’s copy of the device was delayed. TransPerfect was able to do so. copy data from the device on Thursday, June 24 (New York time), but needs more time to prepare its report and analysis, ”Halegua added.

Chief Justice Ramona Manglona has issued a default judgment of $ 5.9 million in favor of the plaintiffs against IPI.

The IPI asked the court to reconsider its decision.

The Federal Court also released a summary of the notice of judgment against IPI in the lawsuit.

The abstract judgment “creates a lien on all of the defendant’s real estate and takes precedence over any other lien or charge which is subsequently perfected.”

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