Entrepreneurship Week Workshops Begin in Missouri Western | Business

Missouri Western is celebrating its Entrepreneurship Week by hosting a series of business-focused workshops on campus.

The events are hosted by Annette Weeks, executive director of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Workforce Development at Missouri Western. She created entrepreneurship week seven years ago.

“Entrepreneurship Week is a way to uplift and educate entrepreneurs. Instead of having it scattered throughout the year, we put it all in a week,” Weeks said. “And in that way, it gives people a way to really immerse themselves and learn how to start a business, an existing business, how to improve your business, but all in one week.”

For the previous two years, Weeks said Entrepreneurship Week had to be scaled back due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“So today we start with writing a business plan. … Whether you are planning to start or have already started the business, it is always good to have it in writing,” said “We can think about it and it’s rumbling in our head, but having it in a plan is very strategic and it helps you move the business forward.”

One of the many people to attend the event was Ally Fives, who is a partner at Pie Five Pizza in St. Joseph.

“I want to know how we could potentially change our business plan, anything that could improve it and help us be more successful,” Fives said.

Another attendant was Chelsea Lawrence, who is the customer service representative and manager of Chem-Dry of St. Joseph, which does carpet and upholstery cleaning.

“I’m here to be a sponge,” Lawrence said. “I want to gather all the information I can to try to make our business a success and reach as many people as possible to help the community.”

Amanda Potter of Potter’s Journey, a company that makes handmade items, also attended the event and said she started the business with her family in 2020 after losing her job as a bank manager during of its closure due to the pandemic.

“And I’m hoping to learn things about a business plan and social media and different things that can help grow my business over the next few months, years to come,” Potter said.

Weeks said the next workshop will be on Tuesday and will focus on marketing. Wednesday’s workshop will feature a gathering of entrepreneurs. Thursday will focus on accounting, with a guest speaker and lunch scheduled for Friday.

“It’s very important for entrepreneurs, whether you’re planning to start your business or have an existing business, to get around other business owners,” Weeks said. “So that’s one of the ways you can come and learn from other entrepreneurs, as well as from the presenters who run the workshops.”

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