Entrepreneur explains how Cirona Labs burst into the CBD emulsion space


“I started this business when I was a student at Cornell. A few people in my life have been involved in this industry and I started to take a keen interest in it. I ended up applying for a license to process hemp for New York – all of this predated the 2018 Farm Bill, so early in this industry. I started working with the university, applied for a bachelor’s degree, created a relationship with the food and agricultural science department, especially the emulsion science lab as well as their hemp research department . So I started working with the university, I ended up earning a bachelor’s degree, I started building a team after I got the bachelor’s degree and since then we’ve grown to eight people and I’m in the market for about six months.

The increased interest in the use of cannabinoids in the manufacture of foods and beverages has compelled Friedland to explore all of his options.

“Particularly as regulations begin to evolve in this space, I see the dietary supplement market as a major market in this industry. And we started to get a lot of attention in this space. So we’re looking to explore this category and see how we can work with some established players to bring the best ingredients to market through their brands ”,Friedland said.

In June, the company announced that it had raised $ 1.5 million in an oversubscribed funding round to help grow the team, expand its facilities, and continue research and development.

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