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An entrepreneur shoe designer could make a fortune after creating designer sneakers for racehorses.

American Marcus Floyd, 39, created Horse Kicks in conjunction with Lexington, Kentucky tourism agency VisitLex ahead of this weekend’s Breeder’s Cup horse race to be held November 4-5.

But far from being a PR stunt, these trainers are seriously hot to trot and will retail for around £1,000 a pair, or £2,000 assuming you want trainers for all four legs.

As these pictures show, the finished sneakers make an eye-catching hoof garment for any stylish, fashion-conscious filly or stud.

Marcus, who runs his own bespoke training company Infinite Kustomz, said the idea behind the tailoring shoes for horses came from seeing animals as athletes, just like humans playing sports.

He told the Washington Post, “They thought it would be cool to develop horses as athletes, because that’s what they are.

“There is a huge market for footwear for these athletes, whether they are running in them, jumping in them or just going to the show.

“I’m finally getting the love I thought came a long time ago for some of the other projects I’ve done.”

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On the Horse Kicks website, potential buyers can now contact Marcus directly to have the shoes made, which takes around 17 hours per set.

The website reads, “Contact Marcus to inquire about his one-of-a-kind custom sneaker services today.

“Horse Kicks is built on a pre-engineered protective boot designed for horses. While we consider these pieces to be works of art, Horse Kicks are 100% wearable.

The horse sneakers ordered by VisitLex will be auctioned at a “Sneaker Ball”, a charity fundraising event on November 12.

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