DSU’s footprint in Dover city center to grow in entrepreneur partnership with non-profit organization NCALL

Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester announces federal funding for partnership between Delaware State University and NCALL.

The project is the Center for Urban Revitalization and Entrepreneurship – and it is receiving $1 million to help address the lack of small business incubators in Kent County and Dover city centre.

CURE will be on Division Street in Dover, one block from DSU’s downtown campus.

NCALL – a non-profit organization specializing in affordable housing, development, education and loans – will have its Restoring Central Dover program on the first floor. This program is a resident-led community development effort

The second floor will be a shared commercial space managed by the DSU to promote community entrepreneurship in Dover city centre.

Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester thinks it will help more than Dover.

“This is an exciting opportunity for us to revitalize the Dover area, but also entrepreneurs across the state,” said Blunt Rochester. “And so to see this partnership come together with NCALL and Delaware State University and other partners to make an urban revitalization center a reality is such a win.”

Blunt Rochester notes that the DSU was one of 10 nominees selected from a pool of 150 because it will have an effect on several areas such as the economy, public safety and the well-being of future generations.

DSU President Tony Allen said it was part of the university’s outreach to the community.

“Our ability to provide economic mobility isn’t just for our students, it’s really for the communities we serve, and it’s a big accelerator for that,” Allen said.

NCALL has raised more than one point two million dollars for the center in addition to federal funding for the center.

Karen Speakman, Executive Director of NCALL, is very grateful for the federal funding.

“This funding comes at a crucial time and will complement the $1.24 million that NCALL has raised from various sources such as the Delaware Community Reinvestment Fund and the Longwood Foundation to make this building a reality. The center is the result of many discussions between NCALL and Delaware State University about how we could both be more present in the community and provide a small business incubator for community entrepreneurship downtown. of Dover.

Construction of the building begins in the fall.

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