Calgary woman creates hot seller with no-heat curling product

When Meaghan Dickson opened her home salon in 2019, she had no way of knowing that a global pandemic would crush her fledgling businesses.

“My son was six months old when the pandemic started, so I was running a home salon with him because that’s exactly what entrepreneurs do. It was tough,” Dickson said.

After only six months of opening, Dickson closed it due to the pressure of COVID-19 restrictions on its industry.

“It was probably the hardest year of our lives. So we had to make tough decisions and there was no choice but to pivot,” Dickson said.

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Dickson closed the salon but was intrigued by the trend she spotted on TikTok.

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As a hairstylist with 13 years of experience, she thought she could improve on homemade no-heat curling products and from that idea she started it own product called Emerald Bella.

Emerald Bella is a satin curling tape that curls hair without using heat.

“Today is our one year anniversary and we’ve had over 800 orders in one year. We market through Instagram and it’s been a smash hit,” Dickson said.

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Take it out! Spring hair trends to make your locks look luxurious

“It started as an idea. I started going to Home Depot to stock up and now it’s become a successful product that’s no longer with Home Depot, but has only grown and grown. grow,” Dickson said.

The CEO of YW Calgary says women have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic because they fill the majority of roles in the service industry and take on a greater share of child and elder care.

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“Half a million jobs held by women in Canada have been lost,” said CEO Sue Tomney. “Recognizing that there needs to be a concentrated effort to bring these women back into these roles and recognizing that we have lost ground over the past two years.”

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Tomney said Alberta’s agreement with Ottawa for affordable child care was a huge win and will reduce barriers for women. She said that during the pandemic, women have struggled to manage increased demands, often to the detriment of their well-being.

Tomney said to recover, women need to have the resources and support they need to manage their emotional health, while strengthening their financial well-being.

“As far as how women recover, part of it is an awareness of extreme fatigue. We have a saying here that everyone has been operating at the limit of their emotions. I think that part of it is recognizing that the buckets are empty and what needs to be done to help replenish those buckets,” Tomney said.

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Dickson agrees that with a full-time working spouse, childcare would help him achieve so much more.

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“I run this business from home with a two-year-old and a nine-week-old and it’s tough.

“There are days when I think I’m going to move mountains and there are days when I don’t accomplish anything with a pile of orders.

“It’s difficult because with women we are expected to work as if we don’t have children and I think that’s something that has to change because we can change the world. “Dickson said.

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Alberta Minister of Children’s Services Talks Child Care Agreement with Ottawa – November 18, 2021

Even with her hands full of hair products, paperwork, a toddler and a newborn, Dickson says where she is now has been the best outcome of a tough decision.

“You are much more powerful than you think. I just think anyone who has an idea is capable of bringing it to life.

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