British-American Business Council appoints new chair and trustees

the Anglo-American Business Council of Georgia this week appointed a new chairman and voted on a board for the organization which promotes UK investment and trade relations with Georgia.

Simon Jenner, a lawyer for Baker Jenner LLP, who previously worked as general counsel for Alpharetta-based Acella Pharmaceuticals, was named president at a meeting of members held on April 19. He replaces the longtime president Jennifer Riis Poulsenwho will become Chairman Emeritus and retain a role as Chief Executive Officer.

Rajan Gupta of Centelliwho recently hosted an in-person panel discussion in Atlanta with Mike Freerthe British Minister for Exports and Equality, and Emma Wade Smith, Her Majesty’s Trade Commissioner for North Americawas named first vice-chairman of the board.

Other members added to the council include Paul AllenDirector of Business Development for the Americas for Gleeds, a professional services firm focused on the construction sector. Mr. Allen will lead the membership committee and serve as second vice-chair.

Alexis Svensonaccount manager for Soho Media Groupjoined the executive committee as president of marketing, the board announced on social media.

See the complete executive committee:

  • Simon Jenner, Baker Jenner LLP – Chairman
  • Rajan Gupta, Centelli 1st Vice President
  • Paul Allen, Gleeds – 2nd Vice President
  • Brian Jenner, Xeragenx LLC – Secretary
  • Joe Briner, Vertical Capital Advisors – Treasurer
  • Jennifer Riis-Poulsen – President Emeritus

The board of directors includes:

  • Stephen Dorvee, Arnall Golden Gregory
  • Kim Gunbie, JoLo Parking Solutions
  • Andrew Gross, Principal, Andrew N. Gross, LLC
  • Matthew DiVenere, DiVenere Capital Partners
  • Ed Haines, Jabian Consulting
  • Alexis Svenson, Soho Media
  • Alex Robson
  • Elio Recchia, Hays

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