Bilibili Hosts Annual New Years Gala “The Most Beautiful Night of 2021”

SHANGHAI, Jan. 1, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Bilibili, the leading video community for younger generations in China, hosted the “Most Beautiful Night of 2021” New Years Gala on December 31, a cultural celebration for the public to mark the end of the year. The livestream’s peak popularity index reached 310 million.

This year, the platform launched a “parallel performance” model, offering an innovative viewing experience. Audiences who signed up for the livestream before 4:30 pm on December 31st could choose to watch the gala via the themed versions, “Fantasy Space” or “Magical Space”. Both formats of the show contained 31 series of acts and were broadcast live simultaneously. However, some of the acts in the two versions were different and specially designed to reflect each other.

Despite the different versions, viewers who watched both shows could still communicate on the same screen. In addition to the normal streaming bullet chats of viewers watching the same version, users also saw reverse streaming bullet chats, which indicated messages from users watching the other version.

This is the third year that Bilibili has organized a New Year’s Eve gala. The show has become an iconic cultural event for Chinese audiences, especially the younger generations. The most beautiful night of 2020 saw its popularity index more than triple compared to 2019 during the livestream, reaching 120 million reads in 48 hours. “The Most Beautiful Night of 2019” was the very first New Year’s Eve gala held for younger generations in China. The show has racked up over 130 million plays since its initial live broadcast.

The gala embraces an audience of all interests by presenting inclusive cultural content, including mainstream and niche content; traditional and modern cultures; and Chinese and international flavors. It also features iconic IPs from animation, games, music, movies and TV shows that have made a deep mark on Chinese youth culture.

“We hope that our New Year’s Eve gala can continue to explore content loved by young Chinese people,” said Carly Lee, vice president of the board and chief operating officer of Bilibili, after the 2020 Gala aired. . “By reinterpreting classic PIs and cultural references, we have transformed ‘traditional’ into ‘popular’ and ‘old fashioned’ into ‘avant-garde’, reflecting the charm of the blend of diverse cultures. “

PIs featured at this year’s gala included the Transformers series, the sensational world games, League of Legends and Genshin Impact, widely acclaimed Chinese animations, Incarnation and Click on the link, and the Chinese film, Let the balls fly. Each was presented with creative performances or surprising mashups.

For example, when world famous Croatian pianist Maksim Mrvica played The flight of the drone, beloved Transformers the character Bumblebee appeared on stage. Mrvica then performed Processor premium from the franchise’s soundtrack accompanied by a Chinese symphony and orchestra. Two other Transformers, Optimus Prime and Megatron, also joined the show, celebrating the debut of the Transformers characters at a Chinese New Year gala.

Eight Bilibili content creators and three esports players covered Lone warriors, the Chinese theme song for Arcane: League of Legends, the game’s first animated series. With the help of high-tech visual effects, the gala also featured scenes from Liyue Harbor from the worldwide hit game, Genshin Impact.

The gala featured scenes from the sensational global game Genshin Impact

“The animation, games and movies that people consume from their teens to their 30s are the most essential part of their psyche. So it is very important that we pay homage to classic IPs at Bilibili galas to meet the emotional needs of our users. Said Fox Yang, vice president of Bilibili and executive director of the Bilibili New Year’s Eve Galas.

“We hope to fully demonstrate the psyche and cultural aesthetic of Bilibili users through the galas,” Yang added. “We incorporated various cultural elements throughout the show, knowing that the younger generations have a very strong ability to understand and absorb different types of culture. We have also taken into account Bilibili’s content ecosystem and hot topics to meet the tastes of Bilibili users. “

Mashups have always been the favorites of young Chinese for the new visual experience offered by the mixture of unexpected cultural elements. Chinese soprano Guo Sen and content creator Bilibili Pan Hangwei mixed classical and pop music as they performed a suite of songs in bel canto, including Bad boy by Billie Eilish, and I love you at 105??, a catchy song that went viral on the Chinese internet in 2021. Top Chinese musician Li Yanliang has played guitar alongside a symphony and rock band, performing a suite of songs from Japanese anime soundtracks.

Some shows were inspired by trending content from last year on Bilibili. For example, the Chinese group Mosaic played a prank on the audience by playing the song by Rick Astley I will never abandon you, before their actual execution. The “Rick Roll” was one of the favorite memes for Bilibili users in 2021.

Because more and more Bilibili users began to actively adopt and promote traditional Chinese culture, the gala featured a list of performances related to the topic. A Chinese dance drama act Poetic dance: the journey of a legendary landscape painting, impressed viewers with its beautiful Chinese aesthetic. Last year, 136 million users viewed content related to traditional Chinese culture on Bilibili. As of October 2021, over two million related videos had been uploaded to Bilibili, covering Chinese opera, traditional paintings, poetry, food and more.

A Poetic Dance Act: The Journey of a Legendary Landscape Painting

Bilibili has become the go-to platform for younger generations to find high quality content and entertainment. According to the third quarter financial results, the platform amassed over 267 million monthly active users and 2.7 million monthly active content creators. As a full spectrum video community, Bilibili offers diverse content encompassing different interests including lifestyle, gaming, entertainment, anime, knowledge and more. The platform’s unique community culture, which values ​​expression and relationships with users, enables the creation and continuous sharing of high quality content.

ABOUT BILIBILI INCBilibili is an iconic brand and leading video community whose mission is to enrich the daily lives of the younger generations in China. Bilibili offers a wide range of video content with all the videos you love as a value proposition. Bilibili builds its community around budding users, high quality content, talented content creators and the strong emotional bond that unites them. Bilibili pioneered the “bullet chat” feature, a live commentary feature that transformed the viewing experience by displaying the thoughts and feelings of another audience viewing the same video. It has now become the welcoming home of diverse interests for the younger generations in China and the frontier for promoting Chinese culture to the world.

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