Award-winning Toronto entrepreneur launches first NFT eSport game in Canada


TORONTO, 20 October 2021 / CNW / – Reigning the Schulich Business School, York University, young CEO Jimmy chan is known to have founded 3d odyssey (O3D) – a virtual reality and real estate 3D modeling company ranked in the top 1% worldwide and first in its class in Toronto, Canada. He’s about to launch his next business: a combination of Blockchain NFT, horse racing, and real estate, creating a universe called Metaverse Oly Sport.

After winning first prize at Schulich start-up party pitch competition in 2016, O3D immediately attracted a large number of customers through the Greater Toronto Area, gained the trust of clients and quickly became a leading company in virtual real estate marketing by Ontario. However, Jimmy chan the ultimate goal is to benefit humanity on a global and global scale Canada as a nerve center for innovation.

Earlier this year, Jimmy chan – the former CEO of O3D officially ceded the management rights of the company to his two close friends and co-founders. In the article “Farewell from the CEO of Odyssey 3D”, Jimmy said he will continue to support O3D but this young entrepreneur already has new projects and is ready to start his new journey.

The Covid-19 pandemic has also affected many people around the world. Being an innovative person, Jimmy quickly realized this and took action to make his dream come true, connecting people and creating opportunities for everyone to make money.

He believes that after the Covid-19 pandemic, “The world we lived in will no longer exist. We are very quickly entering a new world where blockchain technology will change the way people live, work and play.” Jimmy sees a huge opportunity to break down barriers and create an easier way for us to own real estate and have fun with games like hockey, soccer, horse racing no matter where we are in the world. world.

Jimmy’s vision is to unite the financial markets; democratize, decentralize and globalize real estate ownership; and enable investors to make a living by earning blockchain-backed tokens. The blockchain platform is chosen to help him realize his vision through a project called Oly Sport Metaverse.

Unlike the Play To Earn games, Jimmy’s game is Race to Earn. People who want to have fun can enter the game at no cost; investors who want to make money by gambling can own valuable thoroughbred horses for only 1/200 of the actual price in real life. Thanks to the NFT platform, each horse, object and accessory is unique. Every task like breeding, racing, caring for horses is part of the tokenomics which creates jobs and allows players to earn money. Unlike trending games or gambling, Jimmy’s Olympus is focused on hosting the tournaments that will soon be the norm for esports horse racing. As gambling is not legally and culturally accepted in many countries, with this strategy, Olympus can reach all countries without legal barriers, in the same way as organizing a world football, hockey or tennis tournament.

Jimmy also added that his racetracks will be built on farms, or real racetracks, which will be digitized by applying blockchain technology. In the near future, players who own part of the racetrack in the game will actually own part of the land in real life. This means that the player who is a shareholder of an in-game racetrack is also a shareholder of an actual farm or racetrack. He’s convinced that you can’t find this type of metaverse in any game other than Olympus at present.

Through this project, Olympus wants to contribute to that of Toronto blockchain and inspire young entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams.

Jimmy shared this Olympus will officially go to IDO on November 2 to BSCS station. For this event, the fixed price of $ OLY is $ 0.06 by token exclusively for holders of BSCStation tokens. The total amount of the $ OLY token allocation will be announced at a later date.

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