Australian woman sets up clothing business to raise money for Heart Foundation after losing husband to rare heart disease


About the Heart Foundation Give With Heart Day, The morning show highlights Bec Barry, an Australian mother of two, who picked up her story of tragedy and shared it to raise awareness and fundraise for heart disease.

On September 14, 2020, Bec and her husband Andrew, 35, had put their two children to bed at their Bendigo home and were chatting in their bedroom before falling asleep, when Andrew suddenly passed away.

Bec and Andrew pose with their two young children Credit: Seven

It turned out that Andrew suffered from a rare genetic form of heart disease known as arrhythmogenic ventricular cardiomyopathy, or stroke – which affects the heart muscle and can lead to sudden cardiac death.

Andrew had actually been tested for stroke after finding out his brother had the disease four years earlier, but he passed all traditional tests, so he didn’t need to have an MRI or an angiogram. .

Driven by tragedy, Bec wanted to pay tribute to her husband and raise much-needed funds for more information and a potential cure for the disease.

The couple had often talked about starting a fashion label together, and in July this year, Bec found a way to honor her husband’s legacy.

In July of this year, Bec launched Stroke, a brand that sells a wide variety of clothing and accessories, with part of the profits going to the Heart Foundation.

You can make a purchase now at

To make a donation to the Fondation du Coeur visit to donate online or call 13 11 12.

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