Assam entrepreneur launches tea made with 24k edible gold flakes, check the cost

An Assam-based entrepreneur has launched a tea made from edible pure gold flakes that costs Rs 2.5 lakh per kg. Swarna Panam, the golden drink, is a tea that promises pure indulgence. A specially crafted tea blend that contains fine flakes of edible 24k gold and rare Assam black tea with hints of honey is made from the finest tender leaves of the finest tea clones handcrafted to perfection .


Rare Assam Orthodox Honey Tea is handcrafted by a master tea maker from Upper Assam who has made a name for himself in specialty tea and caused a stir in Europe selling his tea at an astronomical price . Made from the finest tender tea leaves from the finest tea clones, this special orthodox tea is withered using a traditional method and hand-rolled in cloth.

The tea imbibes flavor notes of jaggery and cocoa with a dominant honey character, leaving a sweet aftertaste. Swarna Panam is an exotic combination of rare tea and precious edible gold.

Swarna Panam, which is India’s only golden tea with 24-karat gold, was launched by a tea start-up, Aromica Tea, on May 21, which marks International Tea Day. Swarna Panam tea comes in a 100 gram white gold ceramic pot, glass diffuser pot, double walled glass cup and bronze spoon, packed in a black box. The box is priced at Rs 25,000.


“A cup of tea will give you a good taste, and the 24K edible gold will give you a rich experience. The taste and quality of the tea is very good, and it will surely give you an exotic experience. We hope people will like this tea said Ranjit Baruah, manager of Aromica Tea.

“We imported edible gold petals from France and prepared high-quality orthodox tea for this brand. We target customers who love tea and gold. We had received 12 orders even before the launch of the product, which encouraged us a lot. We will start exporting it soon,” added Baruah.

Ranjit Baruah worked in the tea business for almost two decades before becoming an entrepreneur. Aromica Tea currently has over 47 varieties of value-added teas. Baruah recently made headlines when he launched a CTC tea named after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to “honor his bravery and courage” in the face of a Russian invasion. He also introduced tea packaged in a bag of plantable seeds in an effort to tackle threatened biodiversity and climate change.

The limited edition rare gold loose leaf tea is ideal for luxury connoisseurs and a sip of this special tea promises to be soothing and coaxing in pure luxury indulgence.

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