An investment opportunity for entrepreneurs to provide convenience to people

Great apps are here to stay and will stay around until smartphones exist. First launched in Asia in 2010, it focused on shopping, carpooling and food delivery. Creating a path for a decade in Asia, surprisingly, this platform still hasn’t made a significant impact in America.

A staggering number of smartphone users, exceeding 290 million in America, are switching between apps to utilize the varied services offered by multiple apps. This is where Halen, the American super app, comes in to reach users near and far by franchising local entrepreneurs.

It has been noted for years that only big sharks, i.e. big investors, act as angel investors for emerging or well-known brands and provide seed funding. But what about entrepreneurs who are financially capable and willing to invest in a promising platform but do not know any investment platform?

Here Halen provides an answer to the above question. Halen offers entrepreneurs, who have few or no creative ideas but are financially capable, an opportunity to enter a $1.5 trillion market. By entering this global market, entrepreneurs get timeshare in 33,675 downloads per minute, or $17.7 billion per year. By joining hands, they become an integral part of this great app and create a pathway to connect with the vast target market.

Carpooling, flight booking, food, grocery shopping, retail delivery and vacation rentals are all available in one app – Halen. Google’s award-winning platform for the Startups Cloud program, Halen’s franchise model is considered a success by investors over any other business model. The project is expected to be worth over $500 million in net worth.

Halen’s franchise model helps separate functions such as software development, marketing, branding, human resources, finance, and investor relations into rational silos. An interested entrepreneur, also known as a franchisee, who licenses Halen for a franchise obtains the exclusive rights to offer Halen services in their area. Entrepreneurs can obtain this license with an initial franchise fee ranging from $50,000 to $500,000 with an agreement to share a percentage of revenue from their operations with Halen. Of course, substantial training, local advertising, human resources, day-to-day local operations and support are provided by Halen to ensure successful launch and operation in the contractor’s region.

With a promising model, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to start an exciting new business. With remarkable profit potential unrelated to idea generation, a well-funded, aspiring entrepreneur with hands-on experience running a business is likely to earn a franchise with Halen. Executing this big idea with determination is the sole requirement of entrepreneurs.

There is no need for big capital, risk sharing or rationalization of entrepreneurs’ personal operations; they must focus solely on the unstoppable growth of the business.

An additional set of entrepreneurs likely to invest in Halen come from former taxi and limo companies. In line with the demand for application-based service delivery, these contractors are ideal to become an imperative part of Halen. Having a complete know-how to recruit, train and manage large groups of drivers, these companies do not master the strategies for managing the dynamics brought by new competitors. Here, Halen effectively bridges that gap by providing a platform to bounce back and recover their businesses and emerge as long-term winners.

The team behind the amazing awesome app

Halen was founded by Edward Mbeche, Chandra Gundlapalli and Kennedy Ross. The wealth of experience brought together by these entrepreneurs has made Halen a reality. Understanding and working for the needs of clients and investors, they have created an application that is extremely convenient and can generate significant returns.

by Edward Mbeche experience exceeds 20 years in the transportation and hospitality industry. Author and actor, he is also the founder of Halen. Chandra Gundlapalli, known for his dedication to business transformation, was awarded the Marquis Who’s Who for America’s top executive. He was also recognized as one of the top 100 Diverse Leaders in Technology Recognition by the National Diversity Council.

Kennedy Ross has 15 years of experience in the field of content development for various organizations. These include technology storage, music promotion and marketing, online magazines and publications. He is responsible for the success of several projects as co-owner and executive producer of a production company.

The three shrewd and insightful founders also developed a franchise model to meet the demands of each community. “We built Halen with the intention of creating a product that would make people’s lives easier while providing investors with the opportunity to generate meaningful returns,” says Kennedy Ross, co-founder and chief of staff at Halen Technologies. “Halen is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

The services and variability offered by Halen make it an incredible choice for entrepreneurs looking to grow with a smart platform, generate revenue, and become an important pillar of a success machine.

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