American High’s Anniversary Postponed Due to Filming Schedule – Eagle News Online

LIVERPOOL – After putting its summer film festival on hold, US film company High is now postponing the fifth anniversary celebration which was scheduled in Liverpool for August 20.

Heath Cottingem – director of operations for American High’s Academy at Syracuse Studios – appeared before the Liverpool Village Planning Committee on July 25 and announced that the anniversary celebration was postponed until the fall, possibly in October.

In a telephone interview, Axelle Azoulay, co-director of the all-day outdoor anniversary, said she was disappointed but understood the reasons for the postponement.

“We have a major film shoot here this summer,” she pointed out.

Last week, Cottingem presented the planning committee with a 13-day shooting schedule for a comedy horror film, from July 29 to August 26. Cameras will roll August 1, 2, and 3 at 412 Cypress St., and all subsequent scenes. will be filmed at the American High building at 800 Fourth St.

This property, which American High CEO Jeremy Garelick bought in 2017, includes over 6 acres of land as well as the former Liverpool High School building, built in 1929.

According to this summer’s filming schedule, the planned scenes involve special effects, pyrotechnics, stunts, props and child actors. During filming on August 25 at 800 Fourth St., an animal trainer will oversee the performance of a goat.

Azoulay declined to name the film’s title or stars at this time.

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