Aberdeenshire committee receives important advice from young people

A GROUP of young people offered suggestions on how the board can better balance the books.

The Education and Childcare Committee heard from young people, including members of the Scottish Youth Parliament, the Pupil Involvement Forum and Aberdeenshire Youth Council.

The committee’s vice-chair, Councilor Rosemary Bruce, said: ‘It’s very important that young people have a say in education.

“They may be going to school today, but tomorrow they will be students and active.

“Hopefully what they learn from meeting advisors and senior officers will be put to good use later in life.”

Suggestions offered by those consulted included an option for wealthy municipal taxpayers to tip local authority services that they felt deserved more money.

Education on board finances was another of the strongest suggestions. Physical education or modern studies classes were identified as the best potential locations.

This idea was positively received by the counselors and principals present.

Young people also shared their experiences of trying to use the new travel concession bus card.

Several said they found it difficult and expensive to apply if their parent or guardian did not have a driver’s license or passport for identification.

The occasion also marked the end of Councilor Gillian Owen’s reign as committee chair.

Councilor Gillian Owen

Councilor Owen said, “It was a bittersweet opportunity for me.

“This meeting was my last as chair of the Education and Child Care Committee before the local government election in May.

“It has been an absolute passion for me to seek out the opinions of young people so that they have a voice in shaping education not just in Aberdeenshire but across Scotland.

“It has been a privilege to work with the young people involved.

“I hope my successor will be equally passionate about keeping this important commitment going.”

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