7 winning traits of the 21st century entrepreneur: #5 Goal-oriented

It’s Global Entrepreneurship Week and Channel Eye has teamed up with Royston Guest, Leading Business Growth Coach and CEO/Founder of Pathways Global, to focus on the seven winning traits of the 21st entrepreneur. century.

Each day for the next week, we’ll be sharing each of the seven winning traits for being a successful entrepreneur in the 21st century.

Day Five: #5 Goal Focused

Start with the end in mind. Dream BIG sets Big Hairy Audacious goals and takes massive action. Your goals are the roadmaps that guide you and show you what is possible and how to turn your definitions of success, your vision, and your goal into reality. If you want to be happy, set goals that command your thoughts, release your energy, and inspire your dreams.

Positivity is not about dreaming and then hoping for a result; it’s about dreaming, then making a plan, then working that plan to get to the dream. Translate your positive intentions into tangible results.

Have an attitude of ACTION.

Join us tomorrow for day six, where we’ll focus on the importance of being data-driven.

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2022 runs from Sunday November 13 to Saturday November 19, 2022.

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