63% of US small business owners raised salaries to fight big quit says Guidant

Guidant releases the latest results from its annual Small Business Trends Report.

Boise, Idaho, April 7, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — The top two big quit strategies of U.S. small business owners were increasing compensation (63%) and employee retention (33%), according to results from the latest Trends Report. of small businesses issued by the small business finance company Financière Guidant. Other prominent strategies included expanded advertising (23%), increased benefits (18%) and hiring bonuses (16%).

The report’s findings are based on Guidant Financial’s annual Small Business Trends Survey.

“Starting a small business has always been hard work, but the past few years have been exceptionally tough. We owe a lot to the small business owners who persevered through it all – they are on the front lines of defending the American economy,” mentioned Jeremy AmesChairman of Guidant Financière.

More key results:
The big resignation

  • 47% of companies report an insufficient number of job seekers and 30% report experiencing headhunting competition from competitors.

  • According to respondents, communication and critical thinking are the skills most often lacking in current small business candidates.

  • Business owners who increased salaries were slightly more likely to be profitable (70%) than those who did not (65%).

  • Despite the challenges, 75% of business owners report being somewhat or very satisfied. 15% were somewhat or very unhappy. The remaining 10% were neutral.

business owners

  • The majority of businesses were evenly split between Baby Boomers (45%) and Generation X (46%). Millennials made up 7% of those polled, while Gen Z — also known as Zoomers — and post-war business owners both made up less than 1%.

  • Women small business owners made up just 22% of survey respondents this year.

  • 32% of small business owners do not belong to any political party or do not feel represented by any political party. 41% identified as Republicans and 22% identified as Democrats. Less than 6% identified with another party.

state of affairs

  • The top three priorities were increasing staff (51%), expanding or restructuring their business (41%) and investing in digital marketing (40%).

  • 69% of franchisees have establishments less than 5 years old (or in the process of opening).

  • Behind recruiting (70%), the most common issues for small business owners were changing operations in response to COVID-19 (32%), lack of capital/cash (32%) and administrative work (23%).

COVID-related results

  • 54% of all business owners believe the effects of the pandemic are not over, yet 84% of business owners expect their business to survive the pandemic.

  • Most respondents said they felt somewhat or very confident (46.74%) about the future. Just over 27% of business owners said they felt somewhat unconfident, and a minority of 7.56% of business owners said they felt very unconfident.

The report’s findings are based on Guidant’s annual survey of resilient, hard-working small business owners in America. He learns who they are, what their life is like as small business owners, what their plans are for the future, and how their business has held up to current affairs. Guidant Financial conducted the survey by email to January 24 and February 13 with over 600 current and future small business owners nationwide.

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About the Small Business Trends Series
The Small Business Trends series was launched by Guidant in 2014 and is designed to support small businesses with trends and data insights. This data-driven insight is intended to help small business owners make key decisions with confidence and bring transparency to small businesses so potential entrepreneurs can learn more about their options.

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