2nd annual neighborhood party on June 15


CHARLOTTE, NC – Juneteenth is now a federal holiday, which is celebrated statewide on Saturday.

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Second annual Juneteenth neighborhood party co-organized by Sesa University

Use it as an opportunity to grow and educate

International Community Warehouse has created a community garden to feed the neighborhood

A woman from North Carolina made it a goal not to dwell on the past and use the day to teach.

Riziki Zafira El hosts the second annual June party in Charlotte, and says she hopes the party serves as a day to help black-owned businesses thrive while celebrating and educating the meaning of the day.

“I am definitely the wildest dreams of my ancestors. I feel very empowered and proud of myself, I am proud of us, I am grateful, ”said El, host of the neighborhood party and founder of Sesa University.

El is a businesswoman, teacher and designer.

She wanted the Saturday celebration to encourage young people and other local business owners.

“It feels good to be in our own power because we know that we are going to give to our community, so we are able to give to our community and still feel abundant,” El said.

Saturday’s celebration saw countless vendors rally to cheer on local black-owned businesses.

Specifically target young people with mentoring and education.

Jarrin Wooten, a former teacher, runs his own holistic program to fill the gaps he says young people in the area lack.

“Teaching kids financial literacy, teaching them about meditation and mindfulness, food and nutrition, health and wellness. Just all the things that public school has really hindered our children’s education, ”said Wooten, owner and founder of Living Roots Holistic Health.

Wooten hopes that with Juneteenth now being a federal holiday, the children will learn history in school.

“We just need to have the right education behind why it’s important and why it’s vital and also, what we need to do in the future as well. People have come a long way, but there is still a long way to go in a few areas, ”said Wooten.

“Juneteenth honestly means a celebration of moving forward. The theme for this year is Unity, Empowerment and Progress, ”El said.

Eln says what sets this celebration apart from others is that she wants to focus on growing within the community and building up her neighbors.

“Being able to reach our full potential through the different forms of educational opportunities offered by Sesa University as well as the great people we partner with,” El said.

The place where they hosted the event on Saturday is now starting a community garden at the back to feed local families and teach young children how to grow their own food.

You can find them on social networks on their Facebook page.

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