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From a Uniting Church Minister's wife:

Re the manse being an issue: we've found that having a manse away from the
church buildings - with no room for cars to park and a steep driveway -
means we rarely have church events here. My pastor-husband has a secretary
Mon-Fri 9am-1pm at the church office and a P.O. box address, so I find the
phone calls and mail are much less here than at our previous parish, where
the manse was right next to the chapel and there was no other phone number
or letterbox. Yet when the kids were small, (6 & 4 when we moved there) I
was glad of the convenience of being next door - especially for night
functions! Now I have them saying "Hurry up Mum, we want to go home" after
church, when I want to stay and chat. But soon they'll be all grown up and
gone (or at least driving their own cars) so this stage is okay too.

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