Priscilla's Friends
Modern Urban Prayer

They tell me you're available
on certain conditions

Quiet ones

That if I can find an air of tranquillity
it carries a still small voice 
but I can't do quiet,
I am not tranquil except when I am asleep
and then I am not available
as far as I know


what's the chances of a still big voice in the noise
of hearing you in the roaring traffic
the screaming meal-time
the crowded train
I know that time you weren't in the fire
the storm
but everyone's different
maybe Elijah was more acquainted to the quiet 
you're usually quiet
I'm usually wired


if I try for your silence
you could try for my noise
your place or mine?

I know you're always in the country


maybe we could meet in town... 

- Martin Wroe

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